Copy entire folder in Linux

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To copy an entire folder (directory tree) in Linux, use the following method:

mkdir target_directory
cd source_directory
cp -ap . target_directory

Other options:
cp -apv . target_directory (for verbose results)
\cp -ap . target_directory (for unix)

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thanks for the script said:

How to go about moving the file.. mv does not work
with mv -apv ....

Ehsan said:

better explanation would be:

mkdir target_dir
cd source_dir
cp -ap . /path/to/target_dir

mkdir : makes directory
cd : goes to a directory
cp : command for copy
-ap : cp options for copying files/folders with the same attributes/permissions...
. : stands for all files/folders

kanani said:

sudo cp destination-dir target-dir -r

Miguel Costa said:

Hello guys

cp -a source-dir target-dir

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