TIME magazine - $15 per year or $25 for 2 years + Ultrasonic Weather Station Clock

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My TIME magazin subscription expired a couple of months back and I did not renew because they did not give me old rate ($25 for 2 years). They offered me a renewal rate of $30 for 1 year (or $50 for 2 years) which was not good enough for me. Looks like the $25 for 2 years deal is back again and I subscribed again online. I would definitely recommend the $25 for 2 years option. NOTE: Do not forget to cancel the auto renewal before your 1 (or 2) year subscription period expires.

1. TIME - $15 per year or $25 for 2 years + Ultrasonic Weather Station Clock (BEST DEAL)

2. Kmart - $16 per year

3. TIME - $30 per year (regular subscription rate)

4. Amazon - $30 per year

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