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The story behind the new "Google Mail" name
You may have noticed the Google Mail logo. We are changing our service's name in the UK. Starting October 19, 2005, all new users will have addresses. Don't worry, though – all messages are being sent and delivered as before.

Why the name change then?
We have been involved in a dispute regarding the Gmail trademark in the UK. Another company has claimed rights to the Gmail name. We have tried to resolve this dispute through negotiations, but our efforts have failed.

We are still working with the courts and trademark office to protect our ability to use the Gmail name, but in the meantime, we want you to have an email address you can rely on.

We are dedicated to offering the best email service to our users. Our email service stays the same no matter what the logo is or what follows the @ symbol. This change lets our team focus their time on continuing to bring you excellent service.

What this means for our users
  1. Do I need to do anything?
    No. Although the name is changing, your email service remains the same. To sign in, you can go to the same page as before, or you can now also visit:

  2. When will you start offering addresses? When will this change take place?
    Starting October 19, 2005, the Gmail service will be renamed Google Mail in the UK. We will no longer issue new addresses. All new addresses will be addresses.

  3. What if I invite someone? Will they also have to create an address?
    That depends on where your invitation recipients are located. If they are in a country where we issue Gmail addresses, then they will get an address. But from the UK, you will only be able to send Google Mail invitations. If your recipient is also in the UK, he or she will only be able to get an address.

  4. What if I'm a UK user who already has a Gmail address? Will I also need to change that address?
    No, this change doesn’t affect existing Gmail addresses. For now, our plan is only to issue addresses to new users. Trust that we will do the best we can to offer all our users a reliable and consistent email experience.

Updated: 19-October 2005

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