182,505 Gmail invites available at isnoop.net

There are currently (1:15 PM 2/12/2005) 182,505 Gmail invites available at the isnoop.net gmail account spooler. If you have not got your Gmail account yet, now is the time to get it! πŸ™‚
Get your Gmail invite: http://isnoop.net/gmail/

After you can get an account, please return the favor by sending invites back to gmail@isnoop.net when you get them.

The upsurge in Gmail invites is maybe due to the fact that Gmail has started providing 50 invites to each of its users instead of the usual 5 invites.
Update (7:31 PM 2/12/2005) It seems there were 1.5 million invites available in the isnoop.net gmail account spooler on Feb 9, 2005! I think the number has one extra zero, because the isnoop.net website says that it has distributed 258,865 invites since Sep 13, 2004. And the current number of available invites is 186,046. So, that would mean that there have been a total of 444,911 invites on the website (distributed + current) till now. So, I guess Aaron Swartz meant 0.15 million and not 1.5 million. But anyway, 0.15 million is also a whole lot of invites!!! Go grab one! πŸ™‚
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6 thoughts on “182,505 Gmail invites available at isnoop.net”

  1. hai . i am karthik,resident of india. i have been trying to create a gmail account since 2 months and i do not know how to do this.if possible please send me a invitation .

  2. hello.i am raja,doing my graduation.ineed to create a new gmail account and require your assistance for this.please offer me a invitation.

  3. hai bobby.i am carthik .i too want to create a gmail account which most of my friends have already done .please kindly help me.

  4. hello, i m nirrmala resident of india. i have to creat a gmial account. if possible please send me a invitation.


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