$9 for 2 Fandango movie tickets – LivingSocial Fandango deal

6/20/2011: This deal is back! Check it out: http://livingsocial.com/deals/57725?ref=personalized-link-box-14146653&rpi=14146653

Original post (3/3/2011):
$9 for 2 Fandango movie tickets – LivingSocial Fandango deal
This is a really awesome Fandango deal from LivingSocial. Check it out:
$9 for 2 Fandango movie tickets – LivingSocial Fandango deal
Living Social was acquired recently by Amazon. I have seen 2 good deals from them so far – $20 Amazon gift card for $10 in January 2010 and this $9 for 2 Fandango tickets in March 2010. Here is a good news item from PC Mag on this particular deal if you would like to read further. Living Social sold 1.4M Amazon gift cards for a revenue for $14M.
Note: This deal expires at 10 AM Eastern 3/5/2011

3 thoughts on “$9 for 2 Fandango movie tickets – LivingSocial Fandango deal”

  1. On March 3, 2011, I purchased the LivingSocial Fandango deal for two movie tickets posted by Bobby Maisnam. The only thing I ever received was a thank you email telling me that within 48 hours I would receive an email from the LivingSocial Team with a Promo Code and redemption instructions. I did NOT receive the Promo code or redemption instructions. How do I get what is needed to have the two tickets I paid for.

  2. Hi Marcella,
    Looks like you bought the deal on time i.e. before they expired.
    – Did you look at your “my deals” page after logging in to your LivingSocial account? Mine shows up there. You can click on “view promo code” to get the Fandango code.
    – You can also click on the following link (https://livingsocial.com/fandango_promo_code) after logging into your LivingSocial account.
    If you still have problems, please contact LivingSocial directly (https://help.livingsocial.com/ > Request Support). I am just another user 😐
    – Bobby

  3. In order to get your promo code for the fandango movie tickets you purchased at the living social app. You must log in to the original living social website, not the mobile app. version and log in into ur account. Look for your purchases. Click on the fandango purchase and it will give you the promo code. It will tell you to enter your e-mail address and it will send you a confirmation receipt. Hope you\’re able to redeem your tickets, enjoy.


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