Aishwarya Rai on David Letterman’s “The Late Show”

Aishwarya Rai - click to enlarge (77 kb)Watched Aishwarya Rai on David Letterman’s “The Late Show“. She looked absolutely gorgeous! She was asked questions about Bollywood, her new film and why she still lives with her parents! Ash was also asked the “living with parents” question in her previous interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes (mentioned below).
The article incorrectly mentioned the date as Feb 9. Because the show was on Feb 8 at 11:30 pm EST (which is technically Feb 9 in India, though). It’s good that I checked the CBS website today because I was assuming that the show is tomorrow. I would have totally missed it!
I missed the previous interview she had on CBS’s 60 Minutes (7 pm Jan 2, 2005). So, I decided to make sure I would surely watch this one. But I did get to watch a short video clip (link1 | link2) later.

Update (11:07 PM 2/15/2005):
Here is the list of the links to the complete videos for the two shows.
Aishwarya Rai on David Letterman’s “The Tonight Show” (Feb 8, 2005)
Link 1
(Note: Do not click directly. The link will not work. Right click and choose “Save Target As”.)
Aishwarya Rai on “60 minutes” (Jan 2, 2005)
Link 1 (
Link 2 (

Update (2:33 AM 2/9/2005): Found a link to the longer (maybe full?) video of the 60 Minutes interview. Page | Video
Ash is currently in the US to promote her latest film – “Bride And Prejudice“. I won’t be watching that movie though. I heard that it is boring.
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25 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai on David Letterman’s “The Late Show””

  1. Yes. The accent is different, it’s not a problem. You cant expect her to speak in Amercian or British accent, because she in an ‘Indian’.

  2. i dunno people… she’s a little full of herself off late… she’s got an accent and a put on smile with that wannanbe ‘monroe’ attitude.
    All i m saying is she’s changed and a “dogs collar and leash is not needed on a cat”…

  3. i agree. she’s a little too cocky and “unreal” to be sitting there. i think letterman handled her well though.

  4. She was too artificial and made up. She has forgotten herself on the way up and she should try and quit the madeup accent.

  5. She laughed too much at nothing…that was her only problem. Some of the stuff she was saying was funny:
    “What about you, how did u get into doing this?”
    She was cute and i personally think she did much better on oprah…

  6. I think she was absolute nonsense in that show, she should be careful on appearing on international media like this. she has gained some popularaty because of miss universe stuff and bollywood, ask her to to keep her silly smile and stupid mouth shut

  7. She cant be perfect
    so what if she has too much make up
    and whats wrong with laughing
    Aishwarya Rai is so beautiful inside and out and you should all stop nit picking

  8. i thought she was ALRIGHT
    except for the extrmely fake accent occasionally.
    you could sense that she was definately nervous which is why she laughed for no reason all the time.SHe should just be her natural indian self instead of turning into a compulsive western wannabe.

  9. Utterly non-sense. Her embarrasing smile, silly open mouth laughter, giggling, mocking n jeering of the audience was so shocking that it shattered the artificial beauty n intelligence of aishwariya down to nothing.
    My point is, this is the proof that she does false n artificial SHOW OFF of her beauty n intelligence in INDIA.
    If you don’t trust me, go n watch the clip yourself.

  10. Watched the interview on youtube. I was embarrassed for Aishwarya. She was laughing when Dave was not even joking. I think Dave felt a little uncomfortable too. Clear cultural gap here. She should have consulted with Indian Americans and prepared for the interview better.

  11. AR was not herself as in interviews in abroad lately. First on cannes, wher she ws ther as a jury membera aftr \”devdas\” was ther. In her interview, she laughs and does not explain a thing about hindi cinema rather she is just ther to expose her beauty and many of the sponsors of cannes are more interested in her beauty and popularity rather than her work in hindi cinema. Her interview on 60 minutes ws the best out of all the interviews she gave including american today, oprah, and letterman, and some interviews she gave in cannes. In 60 minutes, it ws in bombay and she handled her questions very well but was confused on why did she take the interviewer to her fav. store and asked him for his opinions on how she looks on the clothes. In her other interviews, she doesn\’t seem as an actress rather just as a celeb. from bollywood which is popular from hollywood. But the best questions came from oprah which are very simple, but cladding oprah w/ the sari seemed out of place, and yet we all got the same answers from her in all her interviews. Come on, in 60 minutes, the reason she went ther for india in miss world is show tht india can speak english?

  12. Oh my god, I thought her eyes were real!!! She fooled us big time. Why doesn’t she just admit it like shilpa when there are hard core evidences of her alterations floating about the net? Check out this old photo from back in the day… HER EYES ARE BROWN!!!!! NOT BLUE/GREY.LOL.….
    If she can do her eyes which is what most will not mess around with as it is vital to anyone’s career, god knows what else she has done! She is also done that skin ligtening shit as she is well dark here!

  13. Come on ! Can Americans speak English? Ash spoke better English that most North Americans. She is not raunchy like ther Hollywood actresses. As far as \”accent\” is concerned, we ALL have one, you morons! She has a standard accent – a polished and refined one. You N. Americans keep stressing the \”R\” all the time and mispronounce basic words like \”often\”, \”leisure\” and \”kilometer\”. Would you make the same remark about Mr. Swartzneger\’s accent? What about Selma Hayak\’s? What about your own? Sorry, you guys aren\’t beautiful as Ms. Rai.

  14. aishwarya rai is a fake WHO has done plastic surgery on her fACE think guys she also has layers and layes of makeup on i mean im a girl aswell and younger then the beauty queen lolz!!! so if i had or you had that much makeup lightening camera tricks contact lenses ect on wouldnt we look as beautiful????

  15. she has blue green eyes.not brown eyes.and her english is nice,which most educated indians do have.and indian race has both light skinned and dark skinned people.she is light skinned.if u dont knw much abt india and aishwarya,plz dont comment bad about sumone.
    sins come back on you – said in all religions. ACCEPT THE FACT,THAT SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LADY EVER

  16. ok wow u guys are soooooo jealous… for the picture with her \”brown\” eyes, it was from a movie where she had to wear brown contacts!!! Before making an arguement, u might have to check sources. Where does it possibly say that she got plastic surgery? Did u look it up? Did u find sources?? That\’s kind of like me saying that every single cheerleader in america is slut (totally made up). Indians have an accent, duh! So does EVERY SINGLE NON-AMERICAN!!! It\’s not like she was born here! Stop being haters!!! She was a Miss World….the judges knew what they were doing….so stop pretending u know every single thing about her….losers

  17. if she is not intelligent and beautiful why she is chosen as miss world? you think the judges are stupid to choose someone who is fake? if you find her dumb then the judges who selected her in the event were also dumb. I found her to be smart and witty in the interview.she is just happy and excited.i would admit there is some of cultural gap between the two and others who seem not to know what is the reality outside their world.for me it is a very interesting, intellectual and humorous conversation and of course we need brains and good sense of humour to interpret it in a positive manner.


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