apache 2.0 on red hat 9

Seems that this is going to be the only entry in September. I am a really lazy blogger!!! Anyways, I now have a desktop also. Config is not so great. It is a Celeron 1 Ghz, 320 Mb RAM, 20 Gb HDD. I have made 2 partititons on it – 5 Gb and 15 Gb. The 5 Gb has Win 2000 installed (but there seems to be some problem with the display resolution and colors). I have installed Red Hat 9 on the 15 Gb partition. Installation was a breeze. I have enabled Apache on it and also virtual hosting. Still have some bugs to sort out though.
maisnam.net and maisnam.com are currently hosted on it. maisnam.net is my family website and I plan to make maisnam.com my portfolio website. I also tried SSH and everything seems to be working fine.
My laptop also sort of ‘crashed’ on me Friday. So, I spent the whole of Saturday and part of monday fixing it, writing off the data to CDs. Finally, I had around 20 CDs of data total! Now, I have made partitions on the lappie also and installed Red Hat 9 too. But Red Hat is not able to detect my wireless card.
It has been really really cold the past few days. Brrr!!!

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