Hotmail offers 250 mb email storage space

Update (2/26/2005): If you want to increase your hotmail space, please see this page. I have not tried it yet but from the list of responses, it seems that the procedure works. A cached copy is also available here in case the page mentioned above goes down.

Hotmail now offers 250 mb of email storage space. Just checked my hotmail account and yes, it does have 250 mb email space now. When Yahoo mail increased its email space to 100 mb a couple of months back, I had read somewhere that hotmail was also planning to increase it’s email space in August 2004. Two and a half months later, that seems to be a reality.
As for me, I still use my University email account. It offers only 20 mb of space but I use it because it offers IMAP access. Also, it has 6 MX records i.e. basically 6 mail servers handling the incoming email. This means that if one of the email servers go down, the others will pick up the email. Most email providers have only 1 or 2 MX records. Yahoo and Hotmail have 4, Rediffmail has 3 and Gmail has 2 MX records respectively.
POP is good but I like IMAP a lot better and it is much more convenient. I have a gmail account but I seldom use it because it does not provide POP or IMAP access. It would be great if I could have access to an email service with good storage space (200mb+) and which offers IMAP access. I am even willing to pay for it. I have tried the free version of Fastmail and it works pretty good.
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Correction (6:39 PM 11/13/2004): It seems Gmail does offer POP access now but not to all its users yet. I just checked mine and POP access has not been enabled for my account yet :(. If Gmail starts supporting IMAP, it will be really great!!! :).

Firefox 1.0,, Kevin Karpenske

Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox 1.0 was officially released yesterday (11/9). Have downloaded and upgraded my previous Firefox installation (0.9). It seems that Firefox downloads have exceeded 10 million!
Get Firefox! now takes you to the Firefox homepage. However, until one or two months back, it displayed a seperate page. The previous owner – Kevin Karpenske, has transferred the domain to the Mozilla foundation. A very generous gesture indeed! Kevin is a fiction writer and his new website is you would like to thank Kevin for his generous gesture, do post a message in his discussion forum.
It seems that due to large number of downloads, the Mozilla site became slow yesterday (11/9). Also, due to heavy traffic, the website currently (2:36 AM 11/10/2004) displays a text-only version.
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No “Add Member” feature in Yahoo groups.

Just realized that there is no longer an “Add Member” feature in Yahoo groups. I am owner and/or moderator for a couple of groups. But none of them displays the “Add” feature now. The “Invite Member” feature is still there.
Wonder if it is a permanent or temporary change.
Note (4:50 AM 8/2/2004): Thanks to Brajeshwar for the comment. I found the “Add Members” link at the bottom of the Members > Invite Members page. Hmm, I thought that there was an “Add Members” link on the “Members” page. Guess I was wrong.

Rediffmail now offers 1 GB of email space.

This is hilarious!
Rediffmail has also joined the GB bandwagon. Google first intoduced Gmail with 1 GB email space. Yahoo then increased its email space quota to 100 MB. And today, I see that Rediff has also followed suit and increased its email space to 1 GB! One of my rediff accounts is a paid one and for that account, the email space quota is 2 GB! Compared to rediffmail, I think Yahoo’s email space quota is more reasonable.
I just don’t understand how they are going to maintain such huge amounts of email space.

How to send email from a cingular mobile phone using SMS.

[1] How to send email FROM a cingular mobile phone using SMS.
Step [a] Compose message: <email><space><message>
Step [b] Send to 111
Example: If you want to send the message “test message” to “”, compose the message as: test message.

[2] How to send email TO a cingular mobile phone.
Option [a] Send email to
Example: If the mobile phone number is 865-387-1234, send the email to
Option [b] Send a message directly from the Web:
Option [c] Create an email alias for your cellphone in the format :
Example: If your username/alias is “john”, emails sent to will be delivered to your cingular mobile phone.
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Last updated: 3:40 AM 12/29/2004

Yahoomail now offers 100 MB of email space.

Starting today (6/15) Yahoo is offering 100 mb space for email. Yahoo has made the move mainly to counter Google’s Gmail which offers 1000 MB of email space. Just checked my Yahoo account and yes the space has increased to 100 MB and also it is sporting a new look. Also, Yahoo Mail Plus (the paid version)offers 2 GB of space!!!
Also, it seems millions of dormant email addresses will now be available again for registration.

UebiMiau – POP3/IMAP Mail Reader

PHP based POP mail reader
For the past few days I have been looking for a PHP based POP Mail Reader. Checked out a couple of them. I think that UebiMiau is a really good one. It is really easy to install and does not need any database. Also, it works great both on Unix/Linux and Windows. Really easy to configure.
PHP based IMAP mail reader
If you are looking for a PHP based IMAP mail reader, use SquirrelMail. It is definitely the best. I would not be searching for other mail readers if Squirrelmail supported POP. There is a workaround to read POP emails using Squirrelmail but you still need an IMAP server to store the data.