Xp crashed.

5:11 AM: Xp crashed. When it recovered, lost my Outlook Express Settings and Bookmarks. I had last backed up my BookMarks on 11/27. But I had done some major sorting after that. Tried Restore too but all the bookmarks are gone. Seems like I need to do a hard major backup this weekend.
Feeling really homesick.

apache 2.0 on red hat 9

Seems that this is going to be the only entry in September. I am a really lazy blogger!!! Anyways, I now have a desktop also. Config is not so great. It is a Celeron 1 Ghz, 320 Mb RAM, 20 Gb HDD. I have made 2 partititons on it – 5 Gb and 15 Gb. The 5 Gb has Win 2000 installed (but there seems to be some problem with the display resolution and colors). I have installed Red Hat 9 on the 15 Gb partition. Installation was a breeze. I have enabled Apache on it and also virtual hosting. Still have some bugs to sort out though.
maisnam.net and maisnam.com are currently hosted on it. maisnam.net is my family website and I plan to make maisnam.com my portfolio website. I also tried SSH and everything seems to be working fine.
My laptop also sort of ‘crashed’ on me Friday. So, I spent the whole of Saturday and part of monday fixing it, writing off the data to CDs. Finally, I had around 20 CDs of data total! Now, I have made partitions on the lappie also and installed Red Hat 9 too. But Red Hat is not able to detect my wireless card.
It has been really really cold the past few days. Brrr!!!

Login required in GR internet lab.

The Golf Range computers now need a Net ID and password to login. I had come earlier yesterday evening but at that time they were still upgrading the computers. The software also seems to be upto-date. The entire office suite, photoshop, ssh, exceed etc are neatly arranged in categories. The speed also seems to be faster. The machine names have also changed. The one that I am using right now is – gaz10.labs.utk.edu [], Machine number 1533. Before, the names used to be of the format vikingxx.utk.edu
Played carrom at Anuj’s place. Me and Pai vs. Nick and Manish. We won 31-23 :). Me, Nick and Manish are planning to go to Cincinnati tomorrow.

Denver Airport

Am at Denver airport now, near Gate A34. My next flight is at 11:45 AM local time. There was wi-fi access at Atlanta airport but I could not log on. The one at Denver airport cost me $9.99 for 24 hours – Wi-Fi access by AT&T. But well, I really needed it. It’s 8:48 AM local time now. Have some more time to play around with the internet here. Am currently transferring a couple of files from Manish’s computer. The transfer is a bit slow but at least it works.


Worked on tfstf.org throughout the night. This time I adopted a different design style. The design took about 7 hours to finalize. A sample is up here. The website turned out really good. It is one of the best that I have made till now — in terms of design and overall layout.
Went to meet Dr. Draughon at 12 PM but she had left for the day. It seems that she had left for the day. Met Dr. Golden and Barbara. Sent an email update to Dr. Draughon.
Stayed for sometime in the library. Caught the 2:20 PM KAT bus. But there was a small accident on the way near Kinko’s. Luckily nobody was hurt. But had to stay there till 3:00 PM. UTPD and KAT guys came and took photos, reports. Got KAT bill today. It was $95.80. I wonder if there is a problem with the meter. We should not be getting such a high bill in summer.

New SEVIS I-20

Picked up the new Sevis I-20 from CIE today. Pady also picked up his. No grace period in the I-20. New rules, I guess.
Checked out bandwidth speeds in library and department. For details see this blog. Also there seems to be some problem with the blog stylesheet. Some of the text does not show up unless I “Select All” the page once.

OpenSSH for Windows

Installed OpenSSH for Windows. It is working properly. However, I am not able to access the C:\ directory in SFTP. In S-FTP, I am getting a UNIX-style listing and in S-Shell, I am getting a Windows style listing.
I had installed the SSH for Windows Servers before this. But it is an evaluation version only. However, SSH for servers is better than OpenSSH for windows.
Earlier today, had lunch at Dynasty with Damu. Tried to call up Nikhil but his cell seemed to be out of range.

Updated CS Website

Made some changes to the CS website. Had previously got an email from Web Services regarding the review of the site according to UT templates. Put the orange [#fb7115] line right of the navigation bar. Also changed the para headings to UT orange. The bullet is still red. I am not able to get a good matching bullet for the orange text. Maybe a dark gray [#333333] bullet will work???
Manish and I had another ride tonight in Nikhil’s car. Nice car – smooth and looks good too. Had scanned Atlanta Trip 2 photos earlier today. Cut the photos from the composite scans and organized them. Wrote to CD for Anuj and Nick.