Kevin Sites clarifies

I generally do not write about politics or wars. However this one is worth looking at.
Last week, NBC cameraman Kevin Sites, embedded with the Marines in Fallujah, wrote a startling report of a marine who shot and killed an already wounded Iraqi insurgent on Nov 13. On his website, Sites explains why he went public with the video footage. He wants to counter speculation that he is an anti-war activist or anything but an impartial journalist.
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More about this later.

Bush wins

George W. Bush has won his second term as president.

Sen. John Kerry conceded defeat to President Bush on Wednesday and asked the country to put the bitter divisions of the election behind them.

Source: CNN
As of now (2:51 PM 11/3/2004), Bush has 274 electoral votes (51%) and Kerry has 252 electoral votes (48%). 270 electoral votes are required to win the election.
Was watching the election analysis on TV yesterday night and one of the commenters mentioned that Ohio was the deciding state. Whoever won Ohio would win the election. Seems like Bush held a 136,000-vote lead in Ohio.
The presidential election system in the U.S. is a bit complex and I don’t understand it fully. A better explanation is here.
Time has a nice photo essay about Election Day (Nov 2) 2004. It seems the US presidential elections was even held in other countries like like Germany and Israel!