Cheiraoba 2005

Today is the Manipuri New Year (Cheiraoba). In Manipur, there are two Cheiraobas.
The first one is Sajibu Cheiraoba or Meitei Cheiraoba which is held on the first day of the month of Sajibu. This year, it was on April 9th which also matched the other Indian new years of Ugadi (Telugu) and Gudi Padava (Gujrati).
The second one is today (April 14th) and it matches Baisakhi (North India). Cheiraoba is actually the last day of the year. Technically, tomorrow (April 15th) is the start of the new year. Tomorrow is Poila Baisakh (Bengali), Rongali Bihu (Assamese) and Vishu (Malayali).
Called up Baba and Mama, Tamo, Iteima Remika, Dada, Iteima Mona, Cheche Bheman, Cheche Naobi, Sne.
Yesterday, it rained heavily. But today, the sun shined bright and the day was really beautiful. Spring is finally here! Here are some photos taken today at UT:

Circle Park McClung Tower Hodges Library

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  1. Vishu is not on April 15th, but 14th. It is considered to be the first day of “Medam” (the first month of the year). Also my Amma’s (Mother’s) birthday. 🙂


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