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Update 2/14/2017: The www.faxitnice.com website is no longer working. I use www.ringplus.com now for occasional faxes (they can give you a $9.99 pay per use plan if you call them)

Original post (9/5/2007) below:

I had to send an urgent fax today and did not have access to a fax machine. I signed up first for eFax. Then I realized that I could not send faxes without paying a monthly subscription. I then went to this Wikipedia page and looked at the list of online fax providers. I finally decided on FaxItNice.
Fax It Nice - Visit Website
The nice part about FaxItNice is that you have the option of not paying a monthly fee. And the credits do not expire. This served me well because I do not send faxes regularly. And I do not want to pay a monthly fee for something I will not use regularly. I uploaded 2 word files and 1 excel file and there were no issues sending them. I went for their Sending Only Plan which costs 18 cents per page to send faxes to the US.
Bottomline: Definitely recommended for people who want to have the ability to send faxes online.
Link: www.FaxItNice.com

4 thoughts on “Fax It Nice – Review”

  1. I\’ve been using Faxitnice for several months now, and more often than not I have problems. The web interface can be painfully slow, and the Faxtastic application doesn\’t refresh properly (usually I have to close/reopen to get a refresh). I\’ve opened 3 or 4 service tickets and it\’s usually several days before I get a response. There isn\’t enough in the way of documentation, either.
    While I have successfully sent faxes, I have yet to successfully receive one (service ticket response was \”this feature works\” with no further explanation).
    Hope others have better luck than I have. If you haven\’t already signed up for this service, I\’d advise finding a different one!

  2. Declan Shanaghy who is the owner of FaxItNice has been unresponsive and will not return calls or respond to an open ticket which has been unanswered for the past week. I have not been able to receive faxes for a whole week despite the fact that they’re very prompt about taking my money. If you are even thinking about signing up, don’t! You’ll regret having ever done business with them.


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