Firefox 1.0,, Kevin Karpenske

Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox 1.0 was officially released yesterday (11/9). Have downloaded and upgraded my previous Firefox installation (0.9). It seems that Firefox downloads have exceeded 10 million!
Get Firefox! now takes you to the Firefox homepage. However, until one or two months back, it displayed a seperate page. The previous owner – Kevin Karpenske, has transferred the domain to the Mozilla foundation. A very generous gesture indeed! Kevin is a fiction writer and his new website is you would like to thank Kevin for his generous gesture, do post a message in his discussion forum.
It seems that due to large number of downloads, the Mozilla site became slow yesterday (11/9). Also, due to heavy traffic, the website currently (2:36 AM 11/10/2004) displays a text-only version.
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2 thoughts on “Firefox 1.0,, Kevin Karpenske”

  1. Keep this link handy for next time then, it will be here before it goes public or even before it appear on any firefox official site.
    You may alternatively hook to their live cvs so that you will always get the latest build but then, most of them are betas (I am sure you are not really interested in un-stable releases).
    And for this kind of rush downloads, you can also try or other public ftps which mirrors the same.
    I got my copy few hours before it goes public, so it was fast and quick and I was waiting for the release on 1.0 already. Anyway, there was not much change from the 1.0 RC.


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