Google Desktop

Google has released a new application called Google Desktop. It is still in beta.
It indexes your computer and enables you to search your Outlook and Outlook Express
emails, Internet Explorer history, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and text files.

Google Desktop   Search Sample

I downloaded it yesterday night and let it do the indexing. Today morning, I
found that it had indexed 145,991 items! (21,148 emails, 28,687 web history and
96,156 files!). Hmm, I guess I have a LOT of emails and files. I tried some sample searches
and it was pretty good.

It runs in the background and pauses automatically when you start doing something.
This also means that if you want to see how it works, you will have to install it
and then not use the computer for some time. A good idea would be to install it
before going to bed or maybe before going to lunch.

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