One of my friends in the UK sent me an email from his Gmail account and I noticed that he had a email address instead of a one. I went to and saw that it redirected to Gmail.
At first I thought that a email address will be different from a email address (for example, if works, then will not work). But later I sent a test email to my own Gmail account using instead of and it worked.
I googled a bit (of course :)) and found that Google has problems with the Gmail trademark in the UK and so they are using the address instead of the one. More information about this is here and here (cached).
Maybe, this website ( is the one they are problems with???

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  1. Bobby dude,
    Nice blog man!!! Just thought I’g google your name and see what came up… and guess what came up?? Ah!! the power of google… 🙂


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