Got my Gmail account!

Had been reading about Gmail for some days. A few days back, one of my friends got an account. That was the first time I saw how the interface looked like. After that I read about it a bit on the web and I found out that sometimes. select users get an offer of 3 Gmail accounts to give to their friends. My friend turned out to be one of those lucky few and he gave referred one of his accounts to me!
Have not tested all the features yet. Here is a screenshot:
Gmail screenshot
click to enlarge (57 kb)
p.s. For the uninitiated, Gmail offers 1000 MB of email space!
Update (6/12/2004 2:08 AM): Was checking out Gmail invite auctions on E-Bay. The lowest Buy it Now price is $12.50 and the highest price is $100,000 !!!

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  1. Hi i was wondering if i could also have a link. I have been searching for a while now and 4000 link sover at were snatched undermy nose within a couple seconds
    Toddehmke put it together seperated for spam bots


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