How to delete/clear drop-down list of Google past searches

One of my friends was asking me how to remove the drop-down list of past searches in Google. And I realized that I had thought about it but I did not know. So I searched a bit and found out the answer.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
1. Go to the “Tools” menu.
2. Select “Internet Options” and the “Content” tab.
3. Within the “Personal information” area, select “AutoComplete.”
4. Click on “Clear Forms.” You can also un-check the “Forms” box in this window to keep this information from being stored in the future.
5. Click “OK” to exit.
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19 thoughts on “How to delete/clear drop-down list of Google past searches”

  1. thank you so much….i had nightmares not knowing what to do because i have kids and there are some adult topics on pregnancy that i did not want them to read.
    thank you for keeping it so simple for those of us who are not tech savvy.

  2. thanks a lot.. looking for long for this..
    y dont u start a technical problem solving website?
    it could expose my secrets but now i removed them.. thanks…

  3. i have amac and dont have all the stuff they tell me to use,i want to clear google search menue drop down ,i go thru fire fox, please respond,as you can tell iam new to this

  4. Hi,
    I get a drop down menu in a google search but it is not web sites I have been too or would ever go to. Deleting history does not work. I do regular clean up on my PC. Things such as cleaning the regestry, deleting history, cookies those sorts of things. What else can I do to get rid of this? I have had this annoying problem for two days.

  5. Well the same thing I had trouble with and then suddenly the light came on ..Its so easy
    Open google and go to prefernces and check the area you do not want to save search information the click on save preferences …works every time. will also work in fire fox

  6. I tried that but on my version of IW which is 7.0.5730.13 that option doesn\’t work. I went back and typed in the first letter of any number of characters… a, b, g etc. Several suggestions followed. One thing I will try is closing the window and rebooting. Maybe that will help but if not then ideas need to be updted here with more current information as I followed going through previous suggestions and in MY version of IE there is no option to clear forms in the way suggested.

  7. This is the best info that I found on THIS SUBJECT. To those who cannot access the \”Clear Search History\” link on your Google search drop-down box, this is a solution that worked for me. I, too, could not access the link because my search history was so long.
    In the search box, I typed in ONE letter and waited for \”suggested searches\” to pop up. That is usually a short list, and at the bottom of the suggested list is the \”Clear Search History\” link. Voila! Hope it works for you as it did for me.

  8. Leonard,you are a genius.Why are the most simple solutions the most difficult to find? The answer is so obvious when you know and you really wonder why you didn\’t think of it yourself,thanks.

  9. i cant delete my drop down google search done every thing youve suggested but still doesnt wont delete help i have a son i dont want him to see


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