How to find your cell phone’s IMEI number? Press *#06#

I knew this (i.e. how to find the IMEI number of a cellphone) a long time back but had forgotten the sequence. The IMEI is a unique number assigned to every GSM cell phone (i.e. a cell phone which uses a SIM card). To find the IMEI number of your cellphone, dial the sequence *#06# into the phone.
The IMEI is useful because it can be used to block your cellphone if it gets lost. So, if you are reading this and do not know the IMEI number for your cell phone, find it by dialling *#06# and write it down somewhere :).
I also found a page which analyzes IMEI numbers. I tried it out and the information was interesting.
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  1. I have an LG Rumor phone from Sprint that my daughter is giving me and I want to change to AT&T but I can\’t get the IMEI code. She has already transfered her service to AT&T so her Sprint account is closed and when I type in *#06# on the keyboard I get nothing. Any ideas?


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