Laptop arrived today

My Dell Inspiron 600M laptop arrived today at 5:30 pm. I had bought it exactly 7 days back. I was expecting it sooner but there was a weekend in between. So, it got delayed by 2 days.
My Dell Inspiron 600M - click to enlarge (109 kb).
Everything is working great. I set it up for my University wireless network and it is able to access the network. In 2002, our Univ wireless network was 802.11b (11 Mbps) but now it has been upgraded to 802.11g (54 Mbps). The in-built wireless card in the 600m is also 802.11g compatible. So, the access speed is really good.
The packing box for the laptop - click to enlarge (141 kb).
Also tested out the bluetooth connection and I am able to transfer pictures and files from my cellphone. I will be able to take more photos with my cellphone from now on :).
Everything is working great and I am really satisfied with my laptop :).

5 thoughts on “Laptop arrived today”

  1. Hi,
    Check whether your internal microphone is working, ie., you don’t need to attach an external mike to record sound or for voice chat.
    We bought the same system and there is no internal microphone in that. and decide whether you are still happy with that

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!
    Came across your blog after visiting your home page after a loooooooong time. Will call you in the weekend


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