Registered on Monday (08/18) with The domain got activated in 24 hours. Then shifted the nameservers to Pointed the A-records to my existing webspace for the time being. had been registered previously but recently (June 2003), it expired and the previous owner did not renew it. I had been waiting for a long time for the domain to become available for re-registration.
Monday, I also got my TA assignment. I am still 10 hours webmaster and 10 hours TA for CS100.
Transferred 1 computer from SERF to Pady’s office on Monday and another 2 yesterday (08/19). Pady bought a ‘D-Link 704P Broadband router with print server’ from BestBuy. Installed the network in Pady’s office. It’s working fine now.
Met Dr. Berry Tuesday morning. Also met Mahesh Doraiswamy in the afternoon and again later in the evening. Made some updates to in a somewhat round-about way. Today morning it was working again even though yesterday night I had to access it remotely through Netscape on cetus@cs.
I LOST MY KEYS YESTERDAY!!! :(. I am still searching for them.
There were lots of virus attacks today. I got more than 200 virus emails today!
There was a dance party at I-House yesterday evening. It was ok, not so much fun.
CLASSES STARTED TODAY. Have 580 in the evening.

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