Registered today. I registered the domain through GoDaddy at 12:57 AM and got the confirmation email at 12:58 AM. I set up the domain so that it points to the website. When I was setting up the domain parking on the control panel, I realized that it was already detecting the domain name. I thought to myself – “How is this possible?”. Because new domain name registrations normally take around 48 hours to propagate. Then I opened IE to see if the domain name was working and the website showed up! I thought that is INCREDIBLE! I mean, you register the domain name and it shows up right after you register! That was at 1:05 AM, 7 minutes after I registered the domain. Maybe it showed up right after I registered but I did not check at that time. I took a screenshot after that: screenshot
| enlarge (48 kb) |
If you look at the screenshot, you will notice the URL in the address bar. Also, the system time at the bottom corner of the screenshot shows 1:10 AM!
I also checked the Whois records in other registrars – Network Solutions (whois), (whois), DomainDirect (whois). I also checked the Whois records on GoDaddy.

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