Movable Type 500 Internal Server Error

I had upgraded to Movable Type 3.11 from 2.661 a couple of weeks back. But I did not change the default styles and templates. Yesterday, I updated the styles and templates. Everything was great but I started getting some mysterious 500 Internal Server Errors. I could not figure out what the problem was. Later, I found a couple of these lines in my server error log.
[2004-10-21 05:36:31]: error: file is writable by others: (/home/maisnam/public_html/blog/archives/000102.php)
I then chmoded all the files in the “archives” folder to 644. Now, I am not getting those internal server errors anymore. Hope I have solved the problem. I will be posting updates on this topic.
Update (12:53 AM 10/21/2004): I am getting these errors again everytime I add a new entry or make a change to an existing entry. It seems that the problem comes back everytime the files are re-generated. Right now, the patch-up solution I have found is to manually chmod to 644 all files in the “archives” folder and the index.php and archives.php files in the main folder. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. The beauty of MT 3.x is the file hierarchy but you have (I think) decided to keep the old system. I think MT 3.12 was released recently though I am still running the beta of MT 3.12 on my site.

  2. Hmmm, and I realized that you have set the option to moderate comments but somehow your re-direction is not working that properly. Then why not activate TypeKey Authentication too.

  3. Hi Brajeshwar,
    Thanks for your comments. I have activated TypeKey authentication. But it still requires comments to be approved even if they are from TypeKey authenticated members.
    Also, I am still having the file permission problem (MT writes as 666 and so the server does not allow it. It has to be 644). I guess I will try upgrading to MT 3.12
    – Bobby

  4. Hey Bobby,
    I stumbled across this post while trying to search for an answer for a problem that I am having with MT 3.2.
    I’ll create a new entry, and then sometimes when I go to save it, I will get a 500 Server Error while rebuilding the page or site. Sometimes it’s fine, and others it isn’t. If I delete a couple recent posts, I can get it to start working again. Obviously a terrible way to continue doing things.
    Problem is that my ISP doesn’t give their customers any error logging. 🙁
    I also noticed the file permissions being 666, as you had mentioned. I changed them all to either 755 or 644 respectively, and was able to rebuild the site, but then the same problem occurred.
    Would you be able to provide more info as to what the problem was and how you resolved it (and if you think we have the same problem).


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