Order Dell backup Windows and Driver CDs

If you have a Dell computer, you can order 1 (one) copy of your Windows and Driver CDs using the following form.
[1] Dell “Request Backup Discs” form
[2] Reinstall Options
The different reinstall options (System Restore, PC Restore, Manual Restore) are available here:
[3] PC Restore
Note that most newer Dell computers come with feature called “Dell PC Restore”. You can restore the original configuration of your computer from an unmounted partition on the hard drive. Do not forget to BACK UP all your data before you use this option. Details below:
I started getting blue screens on my Dell XPS M1330 yesterday. I spent half a day trying to restore and repair my Windows installation. But I was not able to fix the problem. I could not use the “Dell PC Restore” option because I had not backed up my data yet. I finally fixed the problem by inserting the Windows Vista disc and then choosing the “Repair” option (instead of the “Install” option). That fixed my problems. I then quickly backed up all my important data.

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