Problems with Envision EN-775E

Recently, I have been having a lot of problems with my Envision EN-775E 17″ monitor. I had loaded the correct drivers but still the monitor was not working properly occasionally. Some of the problems I faced were:
– Monitor used to fail completely while using certain programs like OutlookExpress and PhotoShop. I used to get a blue screen and had to restart the computer. Later I would get the message that there is a problem with the monitor driver.
– Green vertical stripes on monitor while watching a video. This problem was usually solved by restarting the computer.
– The computer used to become pretty slow. I thought this was strange since I had installed a new hard drive and also reinstalled Windows.
Whenever I used to get the above problems, I used to go to Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot and decrease the Hardware Acceleration. The monitor used to work properly when I kept it at level 4. (Taking levels as: None,1,2,3,4,5,6,Full).
Today, the monitor crashed again while I was using OutlookExpress (the hardware acceleration was at level 3). So, I decided that I had enough and switched the monitors of my Linux and my Windows machines (the Envision EN-775E was originally attached to the Windows machine). So now, my Dell Trinitron UltraScan D1025HTX is attached to my Windows machine. It is working great. The screen is much clearer and better (even though the monitor is couple of years old) and the machine is much faster even with memory intensive applications. So, I guess the previous slowness problem was due to the Envision EN-775E monitor).
Bottom line is: The Envision EN-775E looks great but is buggy. Better go for some other monitor if you can avoid it.

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  1. I seriously doubt the monitor is your problem. If video related at all, those problems would be due to your video card.


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