Review: is great for making long distance calls to India. I started using it at the beginning of July and I must admit that I am really satisfied with the service. Call quality is excellent.
The rate is 11.9 cents per minute for calls to anywhere in India. Payment options are pre-paid and post-paid. The nice thing about it is that I can make calls for 2 minutes and I will be only charged for that. I don’t have to worry about connection fees etc.
Two of my other friends are using the service and they are also really satisfied with it. If the quality stays like this, I will be using their service for a pretty long time.
Note: If you are not calling ALL INDIA i.e. if you are calling cities like Hyderabad and Chennai, then I think other calling cards will be better for you. I heard that with some of the calling cards, you get about 6 cents per minute rate for calls to Hyderabad.

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  1. I’m using ralianceindiacall calling card its good.If u reduce the rate 10 cents/minute anywhere in india that will be excellent when compare to another cards in the market.

  2. Myself and my wife have been using relianceindiacall post-paid for the past 2 months and we are really satisfied with the call quality and connection. It is the best service I have ever had.

  3. Hi beaula,
    Me and a couple of my friends have been using RelianceIndiaCall for almost 2 months now and the call quality has always been excellent. I have stopped buying other calling cards all together.
    – Bobby

  4. I have been ripped off by many name brand calling cards. relianceindiacall is best thing happen to me. I love using relianceindiacall card.

  5. Wonderful service, God Bless RelianceIndiaCall.
    I was very tired with all kinds of calling cards, but now no more calling card, just Reliance, Reliance..
    Thank you
    Rajesh Makwana

  6. Have been using Reliance India call for about three months now and the quality is good, but as mentioned by others, the rate should be lowered further to consider it as a price competitor to local providers like AT&T.

  7. Excellent connection quality. Reliance has lived up to it’s name. A rate reduction from the current 11.9 cents/minute would go a long way in this continuing to be the “most preferred” service as competition seems to be catching up soon.

  8. I have been very pleased with “the customer service and quality of calls” provided by RelianceIndiaCall.Com and its people. KEEP THE GOOD QUALITY.
    Some cards are coming on the horizon to compete with Reliance with 9 to 10 cents without any fees.
    Have you checked their offers(Specially hidden charges, surtaxes and weekly fees)
    Your Account summary for each customer is really great since it allows us to see whom we called.
    Since TWO DAYS I have not been able to open your website (
    Best Luck/ Happy New Year
    Ashvin Bhatt

  9. I have heard nothing but good things about
    Some of my friends also report good results.
    For a change, we can depend on a service that is offering quality service.
    For those who lament about high price, let’s be fair: You get what you pay for…!!
    I don’t mind high price (within reason) if the service is good and – I think this service deserves the present price level. Competitive forces will take care of the price.
    I remember paying exhorbitant amount for poor quality service not too long ago. We have come a long way. Thanks to competition.

  10. It is the best connection for India. But rates should be lowered with more time to talk with one whom you love more. I mean more love more talk time.

  11. Yes, Quality and connection time is very good. However, there are minor flaws in the network design.
    1) when I accidentally enter a wrong pin or wrong number, it doesnt ask me to enter again. All it does is, disconnects by saying, thank you, goodbye.
    2) If I associate a pin with a phone, and if my balance is finished, I cannot use another card(friends card) using my phone. This sucks big time.
    Else everything is good.
    Satish M

  12. Very poor performance…
    Its acceptable that the networks were busy so I could not connect. After trying several minutes, I was able to make a call. But on my second call to India, it either will not connect or will keep telling me “Your account is already in use”…. Called customer service. Waited for 15 minutes, got a representative, she took my number (which is stupid becuase I already enteredd it when I said I am an existing customer (remember Press 1 if you are an existing cutomer??)). Ok so she takes my number and then doesn’t answer for another 5 minutes (hear the irritating music) and then I automatically disconnect!!!!!! This sucks!
    I have been a customer for so long making frequent calls but I will no longer use Reliance India Call anymore and will not recommend it to other people like I used to. Very poor performance. A failure!!

  13. I have been using relianceindiacall for more than 6 months now. Their rates are competetive and the call quality is ok. Some times it is good and some times bad, you get gaps in the voice and you will miss the communication.
    I say I would use at least until I find a better one.

  14. Reliance was good upto a point. They charged me a single call of 30000 secs once. I disputed it and after 15 phone calls and 10 emails, nothing has happened.
    I call them and the usual answers I get are these:
    1) Our systems are being upgraded. I can’t see your details.
    2) My supervisor is busy.
    Reliance is a ripoff.

  15. Reliance India is definitely the most reliable and convenient way to call India. I wish it was a little bit cheaper for calls to cell phones (it is 12.9 cents per minute). But more importantly, they need to signal the caller that their money is running out. At the moment, the line just gets cut and that is that…no warning whatsoever. It’s so strange because in every other way, Reliance India is so hip, modern and together…the website is well designed too…but no warning signal!!!!!! I really like the way you can view your call record, which displays each call’s cost and length (which i wish was shown in minutes instead of seconds). Overall it is an excellent service and I am glad I found it since I call India approx. 3x per day!

  16. Reliance India Calling card is good, but the service sucks when you land in some problem. Some days back I was wrongly charged.
    The its been days now they havent yet refunded the money to my account. 1st call they promised me that it will be done in 48hrs, then after 48hrs i called again they promised me 24hrs, after 24hrs i called again they are now not in a position to give me the turnaround time. When told that I want to talk to the supervisor, I was not connected to the supervisor too. My supervisor is busy, this is the anwser I get when asked for the supervisor.
    I doubt if Reliance has appointed any supervisors.

  17. i am satisfied with the services provided by reliance india but i want to suggess u not to make reliance to reliance free calling card complete here continue it.most of the peoples like it.
    so kindly take care of this.
    eddie sandeep shilpi etc

  18. Be catution with they may over charg your credit card as they did with me and i am following with them nothing happening alway i got the same reply that we are looking into your problemgive us 24 more hrs

  19. good serivce ..afterall indian company . let us encourage submitting all defects related to thier service . but over all it is good .
    keep going Reliance . if you could reduce by 10 cents , still it would very appreciable bcoz it will match with outsdie other card service companies ..with quality … what do you say Ambani kins.

  20. I m using Reliance since more than a year & I compleatly satishfied with the service …they should reduce their price a lil or they should offer flat calling rate for one months for one perticualr number

  21. I have been using the service for more than 2 yrs i beleive. And I am very very satisfied. there has been glitches onece in a while … but come on folks (the whiners)… what in this world is 100% successful error free? Ask Mr. gates… didn’t his launching of win95 (or win98)
    failed too!! So we should all be happy with what we are grtting from RelinaceIndaicall…:)

  22. The biggest problem with Reliance India call is their customer support attitude. They never agree to refund the money for non connected calls. I was having below 1min calls and there was an immediately the same number in next min was called still they dont agree it as their side problem.
    I prefer to use global telelinks or necc wireless both give good quality and price wise much lower than reliance.
    I suggest please please donot use reliance and they should know how important the customer support.

  23. I checked the thing, and it is very good as far as price and quality are concerned. But I am sure there are other good offers out there I might don’t know about.

  24. I have been using Reliance for 2 years it has been very good. Unfortunately, the site is down now. I don’t have any option to reach their customer service to recharge. The 1-800 number used for making call does not have option to reach their customer support personal.
    I think, they should improve the customer support access to avoid my situation. If any one has the 1-800 no. to reach their customer support, please reply to this posting.

  25. Reliance India call really sucks as a company. They just setup this website and at the backend they dont have anyone really supporting it. You call them day or night, a gaav vaali picks up the phone and she does’nt know what to do.
    I did not logonto the website for a long time and naturally I forgot my pin number, so I clicked on the “Forgot PIN” on the website and tried re-creating the pin which I was supposed to get via e-mail. This never showed up even after 20 tries.
    The gaav vaali on the phone does’nt know what to do and Reliance wont take payment over the phone without a “PIN” number and they wont give me a “PIN” over the phone.
    To summerize, they disabled my account because I did not make a payment and they wont let me make a payment. I am 100% sure within some time they will be reporting me to the credit beureau for not making a payment when all the time its their stupid support system that really sucks which caused all issues.

  26. I have this strange feeling that the numbers which I use to call India using RelianceIndiaCall has been given away to 3rd party. I just have some people, from India, call my number multiple times to use their service and say their service and call rates are better than Reliance!
    Although its connectivity and quality is great as compared to others in the market, their website, the only recharge method I know of, is out of service very frequently. That irritates me.

  27. It Sucks !!
    Reasons below:
    1. Cannot connect with valid registration number and pin; from the second time it is saying “Invalid number”
    2. Opened another account but same problem again
    3. If the call is not connected they charge for that too
    I feel very frustrated.

  28. Reliance customer support is extremely unsupportive…
    I’ve been their customer for about 2 years now and I admit that they have a fast connection and quality talk experience. But run into some billing problems and they treat their customers like shit.
    I took off a number from my pinless dialing list for a friend (who doesn’t know my pin) to register that as his reliance number in June 2006. Ever since that time I’ve been charged for all the calls from that number. I got to know it late when i checked my bills, and I complained right away. Took them 6 bloody calls over a week to finall be able to TAKE MY COMPLAINT (Geeeez).
    After a week they reply, yeah you took of the number as you said in june, still we believe you were charged correctly. I called back and yelled, the supervisor said he personally agrees i shouldn’t be charged, but all he could do was to forward my complain to the technical department again!!!
    BIG BAG OF BULLSHITT is what is Reliance when it comes to customer service and accepting their faults. I’d use some other service from now on.

  29. Suppose you want to make conference calls (2 person in india) You cannot do that from reliance. This sucks big time and also *67 (block your number) does not work with reliance.

  30. Customer service phone number is always busy.
    I tried calling their customer service 3 times today and was on hold for more than 15 minutes!
    Though I like their connection, they are very expensive. I went Alltel and got fantastic price.

  31. Reliance India Call is great when all is well.
    There have one of the worst websites made, I am amazed at how much progress India has made and then I see a poor website like RelianceIndiaCall. I cannot update profile in any browser. I cannot send a contact us email.
    The customer support, well I could not get to them EVER. I have spent 4 hours of my life at various times being on hold only to weigh in on the amount of money I have spent on just waiting.
    I am actively looking for another service and just might jump to Skype if I cannot find a good replacement.
    Reliance India in one word: SUCKS
    Don’t bother using it unless you have no choice.
    Reliance India People> Email me if you think my comments are unfair, I will pinpoint problems with your website, but I will charge you 😉

  32. You guys are paying for something which you should not pay. Go to and try the service. No charge for making international calls to about 30 countries (india included). You get to hear an ad for 15-20 sec and then you get connected to the party (they need to hear an ad to0). I guess you get the point of why they are offering this. Try it. Looks good. Also, they have lot of other stuff since it does not look like that they are a phone company. Looks more like a mobile company doing things for your phones and getting rid of the need to have computers to do anything

  33. I am a regular user of post paid cards thru Reliance. The quality of the call is good thats why I prefer using it.
    But from last couple of days, I am not able to open their website –
    I have contacted my ISP and they informed that Reliance people need to update their website so that they should allow the new IP address…Can any one guide me what else I can do….

  34. I read all the comments above and I agree most of them like reliance
    has good quality,good connection and best price.
    but if you can\’t open their website. all these qualities are in vain

  35. This is dhruv from Florida.With Diwali around the corner back home,i have been busy scouting for bargains on indian calling cards.i found that reliance calling cards are offering the best value for money,since they have slashed their calling rates to as low as 5.9 cents/min and also offering 120 mins free talk time as an addon.Guess mom won\’t complain now that i never have time to talk to her!


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