Restoring .eml files to open with Outlook Express

I had installed Windows Live Mail Desktop and it took over my .eml files. To make the .eml files open with Outlook Express (my original setting), I chose the “Open With” option and chose Outlook Express. However, whenever I clicked the .eml files, Outlook Express was launched (or the window became active if it was already open), but the message itself was not opening. I finally fixed the problem by using the following steps:
1. My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > File Types
2. Registered File Types > EML
3. Click on “Restore” button
A detailed explanation of the solution is at:
Microsoft KB 312355 – OLEXP: Unable to Open EML File Attachments in Outlook Express
I used the second option given on the page above, but changed steps 4,5,6 to step 3 above. Also, the “msimn /reg” option (i.e. the first option) did not work for me.

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  1. I have the same problem – EXCEPT that when I follow the directions you gave (which I’ve known about and tried, yet again) — I experienced the following:
    1. There was NO “EML” file type, so I created it.
    2. Then there was no “advanced” option, so I selected “Restore” and followed the direction on MS’s page.
    3. I try to open a saved .eml file from my desk top and all it does it open my Outlook Express and NOT the email itself.
    When I return to the FileType tab – the EML reference is GONE!!
    HELP! This is quite annoying.

  2. I was able to fix the problem.
    I had the same problem after removing Windows Live Mail.
    For some reasons, I could not get the .eml files to open with Outlook Express.
    I followed the steps in the Microsoft article KB 312355 to run the Msimn executable file with the / reg option.
    Make sure that when you click on START, then RUN and you type
    “msimn / reg” make sure you leave a space after the word msimn and the / and also a space before you type reg.
    This will open Outlook Express.
    Second step, go to My computer, Folder Options, etc…. and in the registered files type, select EML click change, you will now select a new Outlook Express icon – and the problem will be fixed.
    Good luck guys


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