SMS to Reliance mobile phones.

Update (Sep 2 2004): Since this page is getting lots of hits, I have decided to summarize the information from the comments below.
– SMS to reliance mobile phones can be sent from the internet using . But it is a paid service.
– SMS can be sent to reliance mobile phones using the format .But the email has to be sent as an email message from a mobile phone. The message will not be delivered if it is sent from a normal email account.
– Direct SMS from US mobile phones to reliance mobile phones in India does not work in most cases.

Original Post (Mar 9 2004): For the past few days, I have trying to figure out a way to send SMS to Reliance mobile phones in India. Finally succeeded today.
SMS can be sent to Reliance mobile phones using the service from SmsCountry. It is a paid service. Outgoing SMS is charged 3.2 cents (Rs 1.49) per SMS. Incoming SMS is free. A useful feature is that message notification can also be received at a specified email id. I have set it up such that the email id is that of my cellphone. So, when someone sends an SMS to me through SmsCountry, it goes to the SmsCountry Inbox and also to my cellphone. So, it is like sending an international SMS from India at local SMS rates.
Rediff Mobile (i.e. upgrading your basic rediffmail account) is also good for sending SMS to mobile phones in India. However it does not work for Reliance mobile phones.
Rediff SMS2India does not work for Reliance mobile phones. In fact, it did not work for most mobile phones I tried to send SMS to.
Strange, but I am able to send SMS from my Cingular mobile phone to Reliance mobile phones in Calcutta but not in Delhi.

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  1. how did u manage to send sms to reliance…frm web???is there any website..whcih offer FREE service???dont tell me abt or other whihc have paid service..

  2. infact net4india is also good and we can send sms on any gsm / cdma mobile phones. They provide one sms free after registration

  3. hi guys, does not work & is not fair. you need to send sms in a specific time period, otherwise your balance expires. they are cheats…dont use their site!!!

  4. is a cheater who says sms free but after registration says you can buy recharge vouchers as well as is also not a good service which allows only three free sms and then they charge for more sms and even those three sms which i sent has not received by the respective mobile users

  5. Ecept krify sms i didnt see any reliable sms sending through web, all the site smscountry, smsindia or rediff are bull shit dont use them
    but krify gives only limited service but yet reliable that too for free

  6. hi what network mobile is +91 135 …….? Is 135 a reliance mobile phone? my friend reside at Dehradhun, what cellular network are providing there? Do you have any knowledge what website for free sms for this network please let me know i need it badly

  7. FUNONPHONE.COM is cheat..they dont provide srvice as they offer…Dont waste ur time by visting and registering urself…WASTE!!!

  8. Hello i am regular visitor of the service is very good and fast i dont agree with the posting of Mr.Prashant bcoz i am a paid user the smss which i have sent including Reliance mobiles all have reached the destination if the sms did not reach means its simply the problem with the mobile number entered thats all ..

  9. Hi !!
    Can we send free SMS through PC on mobille or landline connection of AIRTEL Madhya pradesh?
    If yes, can anyone please pass me the link.

  10. See guys, is a very nice site but they have now limited to 5 msgs per day. so i dont say its not reliable. go register and enjoy the fun of sendin atleast 5 free sms msgs per day to your loved and dear ones.

  11. i live in canada and figured out a way to send sms to reliance phones in patna is thru email address- for example it will be “”
    i have been doing it for alst 6 months and it works.but u have to save the whole address as a email address in ur sim memory.
    if all of u guys succeed – send me a letter of thanks- raj

  12. Hi guyz, well even i do faced problems with smstoindia, funonphone, indiasms and smschild.
    My favourate is, a decent service. Though they wont claim much blablas, of all the services Krify providing they are simply best. Its absolutely free service.

  13. Krify is the best site to send sms…i agree to this. but the problem is u cant send sms to RIM phones. Does anyone know who provides such service?

  14. Hi xdf,
    I have a question.
    Does this mean that emails to reliance phones (using the format can be sent only using a cell phone and not using a normal email account like yahoo or rediffmail?
    I tried sending SMS from my email account (and not from my cell phone) using the format specified in the messages above. But the messages did not get through.
    – Bobby

  15. Surprisingly, expecting it to be a part of reliance owned website, when i see the whois record of the domain “” i found it belong to Iris Wireless, USA.
    Can someone comment on this ?

  16. Bobby,
    You are right about the emails from a computer – the messages to RIM seem to be delivered *only* if they originate from a mobile phone using the 91… format.
    Does anyone here receive SMS from Reliance on their mobiles? If so what carrier? The only carrier in the US that I know of, so far, on which RIM SMS is successful is ATT…
    On a tangent…the interesting things is Reliance advertises on their website that they can send the msgs to Sprint, but Sprint says that they do not have any such agreement. In fact, one of Reliance techie reps confirmed to my contact in India that a msg that was sent to my sprint phone from RIM was “delivered” to Sprint however, I did not receive it here.
    I am planning on giving up on Sprint and switching to ATT so that I can receive SMS from my folks in India…

  17. is the most horrible site. infact the only person who gives good feedback about the site is its owner nikhil 😉 smart..isnt it?
    i think smscountry is comparatively better than the rest of the sites in the same league.

  18. Hi. I’m a ATT wireless customer and I receive SMS from Reliance phones in India.
    I use my ATT phone to send SMS to frnds in India who have a reliance phone. but since yesterday (Aug 11th) I’m facing problems sending SMS to them. I get a notification that the message could not be delivered to the reliance email address
    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
    Thank you.

  19. hey sneha ,nikhil,rajesh,sanjay,xdf.- all you need to do is go to these companies websites and u can send free sms to the phones in us/canada/
    for example if u go to u can click on link send sms and enter phone number, and ur done.
    but if u guys donot have computer or web access, use email address like “” from ur cell phone and though technically its not sms its email, but it reaches becos att/sprint are using cdma technology like reliance.
    for example- for att in us its “”
    for sprint its “”
    about snehas question of “iris”, they are service provider who offer it to anyone who wishes to use it. they are “info satellites” available for use commercially.
    lemme know if u guys need any help from canada/usa.

  20. Hey guys .. cool.. i believe u all r frm US or Canda n u has CDMA phone over ther.. m frm Dubai n v got only GSM here.. once b4 2 months i recievd a msg frm a friend’s reliance phone but i couldnt send reply 2 him.. it got failed.. now he s also not able 2 send me msgs ..ok.. so can anyone help me how 2 ve a sms or email contact wit reliance phones..

  21. I live in india, kolkata. I cant send any sms through web to any RIM nos. refer me a site to send sms to any reliance nos. All the websites in this pages are of same backgrouds or even some of them are bullshits.
    Try to snd sms to indian nos for free.
    but cant support reliance till now.

  22. Hi A,
    I have a question. The RIM phone that you receive messages from, is it a prepaid one or a postpaid one? I can receive messages from postpaid RIM phones in India but not from prepaid RIM ones. My service provider is Cingular.

  23. hy my GF has a RIM now i don know what to do, really need to contact her.
    if anyone has any info bout a site with free dervice to RIM pl let me know

  24. Hello everyone!
    well this is my first posting in any forum, for all those people who are looking to send sms through internet to the mobile phones in india…try using I bet u wont regret. It supports almost all the mobile operators operating in India, except Reliance where Reliance (kolkata) is the xception. And beside supporting the indian mobile operators it all also supports the operators of many different contries..counting from palestine to US…and you know what all that FREE OF COST!!!
    Try it and if you like it do tell me by mailing on my e-mail!
    Have a nice time to all!!

  25. i want to send SMS from my computer to the mobile numbers of my friends staying in dubai ….the numbers starting 00971-
    Please tell me how to go about???

  26. Hi Everyone, I want to send FREE SMS to GSM & CDMA Reliance India Mobile with in India. I have tried many sites but not get satisfection. If SMS sent to reliance mobile phones using the format from a mobile phone. The message will delivered & if sent from a site it will not. In this case I want to know what is the need to use this particular format to send SMS Cant we send it using mobile normaly. Or if we send using above format is it free even after sending by mobile. If YES please tell me How can i have to save the emeil in sim card of mobile phone………
    please help me.

  27. hii frens !!!
    greetings ? how r u all? well, this is my first post and i am hopeful someone wud be able to solve my problem. i live in india, bhubaneswar. i wish to send a pc to mobile free sms text msg to a reliance mobile handset in ahmedabad, gujarat (both places inside india only). plz help me …if anyone can give me any useful website link or info …it will be much appreciated. mail me the ans to
    thanx and have a nice time.

  28. Hi all !!!
    if anyone wants to send Free SMS to any mobile in India including BSNL and Reliance just goto its a site which offers free SMS to BSNL & Reliance i have tried it out its nice and usefull . i hope all you folks will like that site ..

  29. T-Mobile phones can receive sms from RIMS…but I could not figure out how to save RIM phone # in the email format…I have Sony T-610 model

  30. From the US : You can send sms to any reliance Mobile phone from any verizon wireless phone by sending sms to 01191+(citycode)+(number). works great you can also receive from india.

  31. Reply to fromnh and T-Mobile Users.
    If you recieve an SMS from Reliance Phone in India. It will come from a 3 digit number ranging from 300 >…
    If you hit reply The message will go thru and if u have delivery notification enabled, you will also get a confirmation. But Remember you got to reply within 24-36 hours. The 3 digit number expires after that. It is a temporary fate way established by the operator when it recieves a message from reliance in the form where YY is city code and XXXX is reliance number.
    and no its not free, it gets cut from your quota of your messages! and why the fascination for FREE! pay some money to get peace of mind that your message is going thru!!

  32. Dear Friends,
    Instead of blaming the web and searching for sites, i feel we can curse dhirubhai ambani for fooling people in the dhirubhai ambani pioneer offer….they are huge cheats more then our indian govt. cheated the people of india in broad daylight hahaha. change ur mobile to gsm – airtel or hutch…for a better service and international acceptance

  33. hi everyone try using for sending sms to Reliance CDMA in India. Though its a paid service but i don’t 99paise is a burden on anyone to send sms. Works perfectly fine.’s gateways are the backbone of few above mentioned websites that give free or charge 1.49 Rs

  34. hi friends,
    Do u think any web site may help us,with out,charging money,never,all they want to lead us to such a situation,If anybody practically know any site to send sms to BSNL kerala,pls advice properly,by ur experience only.

  35. Hi,
    So many people, somany comments, sooo many references, let me tell you something there is no such way (I mean direct) way to send an SMS from PC to reliance CDMA mobile phone. Yes the SMTP user is being created on the server when you have a reliance phone. (Please refer to select E-Mail validation option and enter the it is saying that the user is existing) and when I tried to send SMS message I am receiving that message. So there is something which we need to get through. Trying to get that information and the moment I’ll get that I’ll post the commecnt.
    thank you and have a very great day everybody

  36. Hi all…
    so all u guys r hungry to send sms to Reliance India Mobile(RIM)..go to its really WorkS..On registration they will give 2 credits, so u can send 2 sms for free to RIM or GSM u r smart enough…

  37. dear sir,
    My name is Ranjith Raveendran and I have one RIM pripaid connection at Kerala Tirur and my mobile no is 0494 3699762. and now the phone is at my fathers hand and I am working at Bahrain and here I have a connection provided by the network Vadafone and my no is 00973 36408973.
    And what I am meaning to know you that I can recive the messeges from my phone from kerala and what’s the problum is when I send sms to my mobile no 0091 494 3699762 they can’t recive the messages when I asked about this with vadofone office the told me that is the problum of RIM network can you pls help to solve this problum in 15 day if yes I will not disconnect my reliance conection if you are not clearing my problum I want to give up you connection and try to take any escotel connection with in two weeks if you are not accepting my complaints I have lot of friends with RIM connection with same problum I want to say them as I mean before. expecting your replay soon.
    Thanking for you
    Ranjith Raveendran

  38. Ranjith,
    Suggestion 1: If your vodaphone connection allows sending of email messages, you can try sending email to from your mobile. That might work.
    Suggestion 2: Send SMS to your RIM phone in India using .Note: This is not free. It costs Rs. 1.49 per SMS. But I guess it is worth it. The service is pretty reliable. I have been using it since March 2004.
    And I guess you are confused here :). I am not an employee of Reliance India nor do I have a RIM connection. I just happen to have friends and relatives in India who have RIM connections. I posted this entry in my blog to talk about my experiences regarding sending sms to RIM phones in India through the web. Since MT allows comments, this has become sort of a discussion forum.
    Point is, posting your complaint here is of little use, I guess. Instead, you might try contacting the RIM customer service at
    – Bobby

  39. Hi All, There is not site to send free SMS to reliance india mobile. I think reliance is a very poor operator among all the operator in india. I cant sell or change my phone if i am a user of RIM. Please tell me if anyone know how to send FREE sms on CDMA phone…

  40. hi all!!im’ not sure of an sms to reliance mobile via pc but im’ sure of FREE sms to any mobile in the world via ur hutch gprs enabled mobile phone!!This hack is tried with prepaid and postpaid,its under trial!!smses even to 8243,7337 and even 00971……… are also charges.for details check my site,some mobile hacks there!!byee

  41. does ne one know 2 send free sms from airtel kolkata GPRS ENABLED PHONE(NOT MMS) .COULD BE THRU SOME SITE OR EMAIL.GUYS PLZ HELP

  42. sms2india is not giving free sms to bsnl and reliance.. they are also cheating.. the rahul, who posted the comment saying that sms2india gives free sms to bsnls/rim is a cheater..

  43. Meetul.Com is also a good website for sending SMS to GSM phones. Though they dont support Reliance but being absolutely free and beoz they dont ask for registrations, they are my favourite.

  44. hi ,last 1hours i am trying free sms on reliance. there is no site for relisnce anybody know hoe to send free sms on reliance mobile give me the link of it ok thanks

  45. Has anyone tried sending SMS from Sprint PCS phone
    in USA to India ?
    Is anyone with Sprint PCS service able to receive SMS from India ?

  46. hi….
    i just wanna know how can we send free sms through web to reliance india mobiles…./?guys im sick and tired of asking this question again and again….i don’t even know how many times i must have asked this….but plz guys …only u can help me out by suggesting something….Is there any site which is FREE for sending sms through computer to reliance india mobiles…i have a postpaid RIM….
    plz let me know on my id…….i’ll be waiting for ur reply….

  47. Meera,
    I think the format now will be However, I have not tried it yet. So, I am not sure.
    I mostly send my messages using smscountry and in that, both number formats (old area_code+number format and new 93xxx-xxxxx format) work.
    – Bobby

  48. TO send free sms to reliance mobiles from your PC just logon to
    this site offers you free SMS to any mobile in India including BSNL and Reliance mobiles ..
    This site is very usefull for NRI who want to be in touch with their people in homeland . just visit and enjoy SMSing

  49. Hi
    I dont understand what u mean by sending thru Mobile email! Is it setting up SMTP/POP mail on GPRS enabled Mobile, and then sending it? Even in that case the Mobile uses the SMTP server of Yahoo or Gmail which are ordinary email servers.
    What do you mean exactly. I’ll be extremely happy if u could be a bit clear on this “Mobile Email” thing.
    Thanks in advance

  50. hey guys and gals
    gr8 news now you can dowmload all the latest old very old english ring tones on your RIM
    go to and in that go to ring tones and enjoy downloading on ur phone.
    for more information mail me on
    bye and regards

  51. sir,
    I want to give the facilities for my website for sending free sms in india, can you give cmplete webformate of indian sms provider so that I can send free sms through my website including bsnl and reliance, please send me way for this work.

  52. hi bobby
    my name is kp naidu rel no:09342574748(bangalore) now i am shifted mumbai. i came today. but problem is last 15 day i could’t make outgoing and incoming calls. Error msg is : to recive this service plz contact reliance costomer care. last 15 days, daily i cantact reliance costmer care but no response. this is prepaid card and sufficend balance.
    kindly imediate response to me

  53. Hi guys,
    I think u are all fukkad type of people, u dont have monies and try to be smarty!
    In india we call these type of people BHIKADDE & RIKAMCHOT
    Just think how can one provide free when it’s costing them, will u give ur any thing free?
    call me on +91 9823322331

  54. dear sir,
    i want to know relaince mobile codes in kerala area wise.
    iam waiting for ur favourable reply.
    Kishore Kumar,

  55. hi sir there are some miss call is coming on my cell so kindly u help me by giving these 93235473996 mobile number and adderess of the person plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz your thankfully

  56. Is there any reliable site to send sms to Airtel kolkata and Hutch Kolkata . I tried so many sites but that were not working . Smsjunction is a nice site I tried it for a hutch phone but for Airtel it does not works . Please Help me

  57. hiii wut is std code like i know ur suppose 2 use 91 … then the std code and then the no but wuts the std code suppose 2 be plzzzzzzzzz help !! thank u

  58. Hi Esha,
    Since Reliance has converted all old numbers to the 10-digit cellphone format, I would assume that you would have to use 91+phone_number. No need of STD code.
    So, if the number is 98313-12345, use: if you are sending email from your cell phone or 011-91-98313-12345 if you are calling up the number.
    – Bobby

  59. hii thank u so much but i tried sending this from my cell ph its a nokia 3587i and its a prepaid ph.. my service provider is alltel. so i tried sending my message but it didnt reach the person i was sending it 2 does this usually happen?? and i was wondering if i cud send it as and email from an email address

  60. Esha,
    Well, it works for me. My provider is Cingular.
    However, for quite some time, I have been sending less messages using my cellphone and sending more using .Messages sent through them always reach without any problem. Also, the rate is very cheap – 3.2 cents per message. If I send from my cellphone, it is 10 cents per message.
    If your cellphone has an email address, you can set that up as your contact email address in SMSCountry. That way, when a Reliance user in India replies to your message, you will get the message on your cellphone. That way, it is better for them because they spend less (Rs. 3 for SMS to the SMSCountry number is Hyderabad vs. Rs. 5 to send an international SMS)
    – Bobby

  61. hi thanks im going to try and use sms country i tried to buy credits i was just wondering how it works the shipping address do they like send a card home or sumthing or do they just grant u credits on ur computer thanks for the help really appreciate it
    ohh and wid sms country can u reply back from ur cell phone ??

  62. Esha,
    SMSCountry credits are added directly to your account. I think they manually activate the credits and since they are based in India, it takes about 10 to 12 hours for them to activate it (I guess they might activate faster if you buy the credits when it is daytime in India)
    No, you can’t reply back to the sender using your cellphone because the notification email (with the message in it) is coming from SMSCountry and not from the sender.
    – Bobby

  63. hii im sorry for all these questions but i really need this umm soo it says 149rs soo do they convert that into dollars when they take it out of your account ? how much does it convert into thanks for all your help !!

  64. Esha,
    Your credit card will be charged in INR. It will be converted into USD by your credit card company. The last time I recharged (Nov 2004), it was USD 3.68 (INR 164.20).
    No idea about
    – Bobby

  65. Hii .. I have tried so many sites to send sms to airtel kolkata(calcutta).. and works fine for hutch kolkata . but it’s not working for airtel kolkata . Could u please help me ? Thank U .. have a nice time

  66. Hello Sir,
    Sub: – Mail is not Send through outlook Express.
    We have used the Internet of the Vsnl Company for mail check through outlook express. We have purchase the reliance cordless connection that

  67. Aaaahh… after trying all the websites. I find the best for sending sms to almost any mobile in india. Also you get 150 free sms every month. you can send 142 characters sms’s. Its a cool one baby

  68. hii in smscountry. com is dere a way u can sms from u cell ph i know u can reciev smses to ur cell ph but u can send em from u cell ph ??

  69. We are 1 of the leading SMS Value added service providers in UAE .
    We terminate millions of SMS for UAE and SAUDI ARAIA Networks.
    Currently we are looking for a good prices on bulk volumes to reach this countries.

  70. I want to send messege [via computer] to start the mobileno.922 in india.this mobile no is in surat.plese found the web site name.

  71. I want to send messege to start the mobile no.922 in india.this mobile no is in surat.plese found the web site name.via net.

  72. hi
    i want to know wat is the best way to send free sms to reliance mobile phones
    if any body knows then please reply at “”

  73. I am having reliance prepaid mobile .how can i download various ringtones from the websites free.
    Please sujjest me some famous websites also .

  74. Meetul.Com is best for sms in India.
    I have been using it for over a year and I have never experienced any problem from their side. And as Mr. Ati Koya said, being free, they are my favourite too.

  75. “hi what network mobile is +91 135 …….? Is 135 a reliance mobile phone? my friend reside at Dehradhun, what cellular network are providing there? Do you have any knowledge what website for free sms for this network please let me know i need it badly”
    +91 135 is the STD code of dehradun. I live in dehradun, here BSNL (DOT/Landline) and Reliance phones use the STD code as a prefix before their numbers.


  77. Hai frens,
    Many Free SMS sites are using Email 2 SMS Technology which is now often blocked by cellular operators.
    I think when sending sms to your frens go for free sms site which use sms gateways instead of email 2 sms technology.
    For example in Andhra Pradesh, India…Idea Cellular and Hutch have blocked the email 2 sms technology and when you send sms to your frens in these circles through a free sms site using email 2 sms technology….it will never reach them.
    so becareful while sending serious msgs through net. Better send from your mobile.

  78. Friend,
    How to send FREE SMS to BSNL OR TATA. Please email me as early as possible.
    If possible i also want to send free sms to other countries free please help me….

  79. Hi
    Can anyone tell me how to SMS from PC to a landline phone which has SMS facility (like TATA Indicom Walky)

  80. Hi Friends,
    Well all the Reliance Mobile Holders are wasting theire time here there is no way to send SMS via any site for free i have tried
    To: but still it does not work if you are paying to enroll with a paid sms site still its the same amount on sending through your mobile. I sugest that send sms through you cell phone only the cost is the same via email.
    The above is only a sugestion to Reliance mobile holders.

  81. I keep getting calls & texts from one of these numbers, but I do not know anyone in India. Is there any way that I could find out who is sending them to me?

  82. Hi,
    I am having some trouble sending sms to reliance india mobile from america. everytime i sent, i get an error “/not sent: too many possible reply addresses”….. any help is appreciated.

  83. Can anybody tell me How to send SMS to reliance prepaid mobile successfully using HUTCH connection.When I send SMS to reliance mobile most of time they are not delivered.
    Sorry,I am not GOOD in English

  84. hi friends!!
    cld ne 1 tell me how to send sms to BSNL using SMTP…. plz tell me the domain on which bsnl’s mail server is running and the email format..
    Thanx in advance

  85. i use reliance landline WLL phone as modem. outlook express as email prog.
    VSNL account.
    What is the smtp server name of reliance?
    since my outgiong mails are blocked…..

  86. hi this if for priya and all others…sending SMS TO RIM FONES THRU SPRINT CELL FONES.
    i tried the and it works . my FIL has a RIM fone and he replied to it and i got the sms. as so this thing works.
    CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO SEND SMS TO 9869( MTNL) fones and send msgs from there to here?

  87. hello all
    my name is “lucki rj” i’am a telecom engg, i wood like to address about sending sms to reliance phone from a website.
    reffer this sms format”
    this sms format only support reliance telecom which is based on GSM teachnology network in “Assam, Bihar, HP, MP, NE, Orissa, Punjab & WB” Only
    but notes: Sms can’t be send to Reliance India Mobile which is CDMA based network all over india, B’coz RIM has no web enable SMSC config on there network till now…….
    plz replay me back with your feedback on my e-mail id

  88. Hi,
    I am having a strange problem with my tmobile cell phone. I recently changed my cell number. Ever since I changed it, I am not able to receive calls from India. I tried contacting 3-4 people and asked them to call me on my cell and all of them replied back saying that they were not able to reach me. When they tried to call it always said that “the number you are trying to reach is temporarily disconnected or not in service”. They can easily contact cingular or other phone service providers. My old number worked fine without any problems. I tried contacting the customer service but still no luck. Have anyone faced the same problem before. I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

  89. Hii Sir,
    Can I send free sms from pc to a Tata Indicom (walky phone ) which has the facility of sms, if so can u pls tell me the process for which I will be highly thankfull to u. Its a problem of love, that’s why I need it as fast as possible, hope u understand me Sir,,

  90. hello all
    my name is “lucki rj” i’am a telecom engg, i wood like to address about sending sms to TATA Indicom phone/Walky/mobile from a website.
    but notes: Sms can’t be send to TATA Indicom phone/Walky/mobile which is CDMA based network all over india.
    reffer this link for Coverage information, B’coz “TATA” has no web enable SMSC config on there network till now…….
    plz replay me back with your feedback on my e-mail id

  91. Now,
    anyone can send free sms to orange in india free of cost and without need any registration from the portal this portal also support Airtel (Some region) / Hutch / RPG / BPL / IDEA / ESCOTEL / AIRCELL / CELFORCE these all free of cost.

  92. try for reaching airtel kolkata thru web by clicking…
    it’ll sure work…200% gurantee….
    if does…plzz acknowledge….

  93. hello all
    I’am back with a good news, i have found a web site where in u can send free sms to any operater worldwide including “Reliance IndiaMobile” & “TataIndicom” just login to registor over there & u may get free 2 credit, which u be able to send sms to any operator in the world. chk it out for more credit
    this is a chennai based company which offer bulk sms soluation too, so friends send free sms from this website, when credit are finesh then registor again with deff user name & get some more sms credit free.
    plz replay me back with your feedback on my e-mail id

  94. Now you can send limited (only 5)sms from your Pc to Reliance RIM phones via Yahoo Messenger, but cannot reply back from your RIM phone. Says “Invalid user”. Can anybody help to resolve this??? The reply number shows 8242801 on my RIM mobile when I receive from my yahoo messenger. Messenger needs to receive atleast one reply from the mobile to allow another 5 SMS to the same number…..

  95. Now you can send free sms (upto 5) to any reliance phone from your yahoo messenger. To break the limit of 5 per number you need to receive atleast one reply from the receiver which is not possible from RIM phone as the outgoing number is 8242XXX and it does’nt supports it

  96. hi! u all. finally i think i got a 1 point solution 4 all. u can send sms 2 any mobile no.s including reliance and that 2 for free ( only 2 sms per day). go 2 and join in. its really gr8. and do tell me your xperience.

  97. Hi every body,
    I want to send SMS through my PC to an IDEA mobile (at Hyderbad). Can some body tell me the free and better method. I want to send 1 SMS per day.

  98. smstoindia is a faltoo web site it does not work……i dont know any website from which i can send sms free in india….can any body refer a good site which is reliable and can work wid hutch too


  100. Sir,
    Can anyone tell me how to SMS from PC to a landline phone which has SMS facility (like TATA Indicom Walky)
    R.Karan Kirti

  101. can anybody email me with a site i can go on and get unlimited sms to mobiles from the computer without paying or downloading??

  102. Hie Guys and Galz, reliance SUCKS… I’m being sent monthly bills of over Rs 1600 a month since over 8 months… I stopped paying reliance any payment 6 months back… and all my bills are due since then… I don’t even make 100 phone calls a month… most of them are only local calls to my parents.. I’m sure if a call costs even Rs. 4 per minute , then my bill should not be more than Rs. 600 a month… But I’m being sent bills of over Rs. 1600 since over 8 months.. The worst part is… they don’t send you a list of local calls you made.. Also… if you know… several of my own reliance user friends also realize the same…Reliance is still charging for all unanswered calls… That means.. you just make a call to a number, and even if its not answered, you will be charged of the duration you kept waiting while the phone waas ringing on the other side! Want a confirmation ? Just dial your own reliance number from any STDPCO… and you’ll find that reliance network is still cut off from BSNL.. This way, all people on all sides are being falsely charnged while these companies making crores of rupees in a single day FOR NOT PROVIDING YOU A SERVICE…
    Isn’t this rediculous? Are we all ASLEEP ? If something such had happened in USA then the company would have already received thousands of lawsuits againts them by now…

  103. Dear kirstie,
    i don’t know, but whatever u said is a “BIG BLUNDER”. I m using the reliance phone for last two years. But never got a complaint like that. If fact my all frnds use relaince & we use to give a lot of miss call to other’s, but never been charged. Also, there is a misconception about their billing. the mobile only shows the time u start ringing, but actually charged when the receiver picks the phone.
    After a lot of experience with other networks, i found it best in all respect. Whether its about call charges, availability, new scheme’s etc. u can’t get unlimited SMS from same network to network in Just Rs. 50/- per month. even u can make unlimited local calls to any rim number with in a circle & in just 80 paise/min to other networks with a monthly coupoun of Rs. 440/-.
    may be possibly ur mobile was dubbed by someone else or may be illegaly used by someone in your absence.
    tarun kumar – 09350080485 (All relaince user’s are welcome to be “SMSfriend”)

  104. dear sir / madam
    plz tell me regarding the sending message pc to airtel mobile phone.i mean to say that what the aadress of the airtel site which provide the sma service pc to airtel mobile phone.

  105. how I can send sms to MTNL mobile in delhi. The mtnl site also gives a service to send sms but it is not reliable. as the msg does not reach all the times. if i can tell any website which can send FREE sms to MTNL(delhi).

  106. Hi Guyz. I am trying to send a free SMS to this number, 9327489118. It is in Gujarat, Baroda and its a reliance phone. I tried each and every possible thing but I cant do it.
    And I am just confused about one thing. That, ……….WAT IS THAT??? so can I send it from Yahoo Mail? can I just put the mobile number and send it?? Is it going to work?? Please please please HELP ME here someone… I would really really appreaciate you guyz. A friend in need is a friend in DEED guyz. Please help… Thank You very much….
    – – – Rameez…

  107. hey guys,
    plz tel me vat r the ids for sending sms to orange , airtel , Reliance (in mumbai) through my email accts.
    plz the only id i no is of BPL , its ur (that 2 4 mumbai).
    plz let me no , even u can send me mail also.

  108. can u please tell me ki agar reliance to reliance free connection nahi hai to reliance to reliance call karne per per minute kitne charges hai

  109. hello all
    my name is “lucki rj” i’am a telecom engg, i wood like to address about sending sms to reliance phone from a yahoo messenger.
    but notes: Sms can be send to Reliance India Mobile which is CDMA based network all over india, after the sms which u receive from yahoo! messenger ensure u replay it back ofter 3 message, if not u can not send sms are receive sms from the messenger to the perticular number, Download the new version of yahoo! messenger from so that u can send and receive sms any point of time,
    if this information is useful plz replay me back with your feedback on my e-mail id

  110. Neha ji,
    Reliance to Reliance charges aapke tariff per depend karta hai. Na hi aapne ye bataya ki aapka mobile hai ya fixed line ya WLL aur na hi aapne apna tariff bataya aur na hi aapne ye bataya ki aap jis Reliance phone per baat karna chahti ho vo mobile hai ya fixed line ya WLL aur na hi ye bataya ki aap STD karna chahti ho ya local.
    So how can i help u.
    Lekin phir bhi mai aapko reliance ki site bata raha hoon jisse aap tariff check kar sakti hain.

  111. is a good sms site but.. i was able to send to 93….. once or twice…? will any one will try out in other states ,,except kerala?

  112. hi all,
    as i under stand that u people wanted to send free sms to all over INDIA & US, just login to and register it ,
    its free and u get 30sms free every day , u can send sms from online but u can use ur mobile number as a user id so that it will display the same on cellphone……
    if this information is useful plz replay me back with your feedback on my e-mail id

  113. hai, iam dinesh vydya , i want to send text sms to andhrapradesh mobile numbers, like, 9346xxxxxx, so how can i send through my mail address, can i need to put 91 before the number or not , and sugggest me a mail address,and how can i send ?
    thainking U
    dinesh vydya

  114. Sir,
    How can I get a list of incoming and outgoing calls of my tata indicom cell phone.
    I accidently deleted a call from my recent call list.It is the call around 02:00 am, 4 or 5 days phone number is 9247110049.
    can u give that phone number or list of incoming and outgoing calls during this week.

  115. Hi all…i am Nasir…u can send limited sms to the RELIANCE rediff messenger…in that u can send msg to all inidan mob…u can send 3 sms without recving the reply(per day i guess)if u get thier reply again u are able to send three more..acording to me this is the only reliable reliance phone..soo enjoy it..
    haa if u want to send more sms…create many ids!!!
    if u found this gud..plzz reply to my or
    and i dint try sending to other mobiles…

  116. hi i lost my cell in april at that time i got some calls from number 09830438108. but now this number does not exist. How i can get address of the owner at that time

  117. Hi!
    I want to know that how can we send sms or mms through pc to any mobile or a land line phones of reliance, Tata indicom & Walky. Plz tell me.

  118. Hi ppl… I stay in Dubai..I wud like 2 send sms to my friend back in calcutta.He has a hutch sim card.The probs that none of the sites like krifysms or any site as such doesnt have this system of recieving my sms..Can U help me out n lemme know a solution to my prob..

  119. can anyone plzzzzzzzzzzz tel me how can we send unlimited fre sms in maharashtra to mtnl , tata ,orange , airtel network if u know can u plzz let me know

  120. Hi,
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    NEW: For bulk SMS to European countries such as Germany, UK, France, Spain, Portugal we have at the moment special routes on offer which might not have full feature support but provide for a very fast delivery and good throughput for your IVR, Premium SMS or WAP Push campaigns.
    Test accounts for all routes are available free of charge.
    Please email me with any pricing and support requirements. If you would like to find out more information on our company and services offered, please refer to our company website at .
    We look forward to talking to you and finding a solution for good business with your company.
    Keagan Pottas
    Technologies SDN BHD

  121. i want to send free sms to dubai and hte number is 00971505061254 , mine is relaince phone….but i wnat to send sms with free of cost …is there any possibility of doing that

  122. Hi,
    I developed a tool for sending free SMS to Indian Mobiles.
    you can download it from
    if you have TCL installed in your machine (Linux/Unix does have on default), download
    and rename to .tcl
    now on windows machine with TCL installed, just double click the file. on Unix/Linux machine just do this at prompt “wish SMSsender.tcl”
    you are set to send SMS for free.
    If you want an self executable (no need of installation) reach me at

  123. hi..
    i am trying to send an SMS to a mobile phone in dubai.. the number starts as (+97150 *******)
    is there any website tht can let me send sms free of cost.

  124. Hey All,
    Good News to Send sms to any mobile (Inclusding reliance)use rediff Bol >> Sit back and relax >>
    u can send only three sms from a account if the limit goes upto 3 try sending after 24 Hrs from the same account, IT WORKS.
    SO ENJOY…………..

  125. Hey guys I got a great site to send free sms to any reliance CDMA and also other mobile no……the problem is u can send only one message per day to a no. And maximum of two messages per day to any no
    The site is-
    It is a very good site
    Plzzzzzz temme if you like it and post your feed back at my email id
    Thanx a lot guys

  126. Hello friends,good to see this blog buzzed up with so many enquiries.Anyways,I came across wherein you can call any mobile/landline in the world for free(5 mins. they say,but my sis spoke to me for 15 mins. from Dubai).I also found from where you can sms all the mobiles in India(including reliance,bsnl,tata indicom,…).I personally checked it to my own mobile!!I have started a blog for smartphone users from India and world(htc typhoon) which consists of exclusive content which is a result of my research.Check it out @
    Thanks Bobby for giving me this oppurtunity!!You influenced me into webdesigning!!I came up with Rate me yaar!!

  127. Hi all, i was looking 4 the same answers u all are looking 4… “how to send free SMS from computer to india reliance mobile”… I found the answer and it is so simple and most importantly IT REALLY WORKS!! This is what u all need to do… just install yahoo messanger… and send text messages on any mobile (even Reliance) with +9193########… n it really works… u can send 3 messages max without getting any reply back, but if you do get reply back, u can send 3 more… on every reply, u can send 3 txtmsgs..n so on. who wants to keep sending msgs if you are not getting any reply back anyway!!! So friends, try this n cheers to success and stop looking for more answers…. cuz i wasted sooo much of my time too. This is totally FREE for the sender… also work but u are probably paying for outgoing smss. Remember, if i can do it, so can u!! Good luck…

  128. my 9324762851 i have done my cell phone postpaid before 10 days and my brother he took my cell phone with him for picnic iin goa now can u give me the list of all number which i lost recived , missed , and dailled and sms number which i recived and send plz help me out.

  129. i wanna send sms to reliance through PC. is there any website provides free service? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    reply me

  130. My number is 9360672835
    I hav tried to send sms through net. but i’m still trying. Is there any one to stop this searching

  131. i,ve changed my mobile from idea to reliance, bocz i found it was worth and more beneficial. but when i am delevering sms from Dubai, my Lf.companion iz not receiving, why? i am very sad to hold such company who cannot provide sms from foriegn countries to home town. can you suggest me any way to access the service? Mr. Das
    from Dubai# cell#+97150-3728241

  132. Hi everybody want to know some secrets of airtel then visit my site i can tell you how to watch live television on ur mobile sets and computers free sms application download them from my site and enjoy sending sms to any part of world for free it work 100% so what u are waiting for just visit my site if know more secrets about airtel then mail me

  133. wanted to there any company offering smses[not free] to tata indicom walky. i have a website and am using cellebrum to send smses to users..but it works only for cdma/gsm cellphones, no landlines are supported.
    pls tell it possible to send sms to walky connections thru an sms gateway.
    btw except for the landline thing cellebrum rocks…just 45p per sms, and 50 free sms on reg.

  134. when i reciev message it came like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anther font no english can you solving the error

  135. Hi there,
    I had this weired issue. I live in Seattle, USA and have T mobile service. I was able to send SMS to any reliance cell phone with my previous Phone Motorola V3 RAZR, but now i changed my cell phone. I bought this new Nokia 6681 from India. Now I am not able to send text messages to any reliance Cell phone. Though I am able to send SMS to any other cell phones like Idea, Airtell and all.
    Is there different seetings i need to do in my cell phone. Please Advice.

  136. Hello,
    I am trying to send sms through internet on following Reliance user in Cochin, Kerala 04843103720 but it doesn’t work with this number. Probably this number is changed and please can anyone tell me what is new number?! Also through which site I can send free sms to Kerala Reliance subscriber? Maybe someone know any site where I can find list of Reliance users in Kerala which numbers were changed.
    You can mail me anytime at my e-mail: or
    Thank you very much
    With best regards,

  137. I want to send free sms to a bsnl mobile no.starting from 9433….. in Kolkata..But it will be absolutely free and can send more sms.Give me proper idea.

  138. can anybody plz send me the links to send free sms across india to any mobile?????????????plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

  139. hey users
    I am back with the solutions of ur problems see if you want free sms to any mobile just apply my simple trick go to download rediff bol messenger 8 .just register yourself and open rediff bol and now u are ready to send 2messages to each mobile phone everyday.hey guys if you have airtel live activated on ur mobile just you can send sms.for details contact me on my email id i.e is also good bye

  140. Dear Friends,
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  141. If you want free sms no your Reliance CDMA thn u can do the following:
    1. Open one Hotmail email account.
    2. Go to Msn Messenger or Msn Mobile thru website.
    3. Register your Reliance no. on your Msn Mobile and activate it.
    4. Once activated, people can send free sms to you (all they need to do is right click your name on Msn Messenger and choose the option “Send message to Mobile Device”)
    ** And yeah it is free for Reliance nos. so need not worry

  142. i wasted my 2 Hrs here..i think there is no website which allows unlimited free sms to cdma networks…if anyone knw how to send unlimited free sms frm GPRS or Frm PC to any CDMA network plz email me at thanx a lot in advance…

  143. guys. any cdma network mobile overseas can send messages to reliance cdma mobiles. i realised this when i choose ‘3’ mobiles in australia. no other network in australia can send messages – vodafone, telstra or optus. only 3 can ( cause it is on CDMA network as well. i am sure all CDMA networks abroad can send CDMA-CDMA messages.

  144. use to send SMS to RIM/Tata indicom and any GSM mobiles. it\’s very easy and very fast. you can easily set your senderid also.
    Suyaraj M

  145. i want to register my TATA indicom Number of Delhi to my yahoo messnger I am on SMS SERVICE. How to do that as i put my no starting frm 9210****** it sayz it is not correct.plz Suggest meah some measures


  147. Dear Sir/Madam,
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  148. hey nice post,i tried sending sms on cdma network but no messages are sent,and can you tell me how can i send sms from yahoo messenger on TATA and RELIANCE numbers because whenever i send sms on these no. msg is displayed that \”messages cannot be sent on this number or number is incorrect\”
    And thanks for this information.

  149. SMS to reliance mobile phones through shared short code is introduced by a US Company Txtimpact. It allow to send sms from web or pc to all cellular networks using 5 or 6 digit short code. This shortcode is easy to remember and also your customer easily send sms to your server with request of products of features. see also

  150. i am using reliance gsm prepaid mobile. Whenever i go for setup my mobile No. for yahoo messenger then i get reply that,We are unable to support the number that you have provided at this time why?


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