Sunday early morning

Coming back to my blog after a long time. The last week has been sort of hectic. Classes started on Wednesday (08/20). Have not decided on the final list of subjects. Have to decide by next week. Database class on Thursday was sort of a new experience because it was a class using video-conferencing. It was sort of funny talking to a screen and I guess it will take a little time getting used to.
Uploaded independence day and potluck photos on Manthan website. Also put up some new annoucements on cs website and pulled down the old stuff from the cs100 website.
I also fixed the computers in Pady’s office and set up the D-Link 704P router with print server. Everything seems to be working fine now. Did not attend the 580 review session on Friday. I was sleeping at that time.
Saturday (08/23), had Maggi for lunch. For dinner, had chicken at Sampy’s place. Pai had made the chicken and it was really hot (spicy). Had some ice-cream after that and so it is fine now. Manish and Nikhil went out to see K-town nightlife. Nikhil drove down to Nashville today morning. Pady also came in the afternoon. Resized some photos for bS. Have not called home yet.

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