CNN iPhone app displaying Dotomi/ConversantMedia ad scripting code instead of actual ad

I was browsing through the CNN iPhone app today and noticed that I was seeing web scripting code instead of the actual ad. At first I thought it was an ad from some cool startup trying to attract programmers :). But at the end, I concluded that this was an incorrectly functioning ad module on the CNN iPhone app.

The CNN iPhone app dev team should probably update the ad module to display a generic ad image or message instead of the code in cases where the ad display fails.

Screenshot 1: Example ad code being displayed instead of the actual ad.


Screenshot 2: What a working ad should look like.

Ad code
Note: Looks like it was a Symantec/Norton ad which did not get displayed. Also, (now appears to be the marketing agency which delivers the ads.

var dmo = {
“companyName”:”Symantec – Norton”,
“templateId”:52480, “objectSrc”:””,