Best Groupon GoDaddy deal – $70 for $25

This is the best GoDaddy deal I have come across.
1. Buy $70 GoDaddy credit for $25 at (expires Dec 30, 2012)
Note: $30 GoDaddy credit for $10 is also available
2. Add $70 GoDaddy credit to your account at:
3. Use one of the following codes to get discounts on your cart. Use trial and error, see which code works best for you. The best news is that the $70 GoDaddy credit is stackable (i.e. can be combined with other GoDaddy coupons).
GDBBREN8 (good for .com renewals)
rev7 (best for .org renewals)
gd50bbpd5 or bb5020d5
4. Check out and make sure to apply your $70 GoDaddy credit during checkout
I just bought the $70 Groupon GoDaddy deal and here are my savings:
$132.60 (8 domain renewals) – rev7 GoDaddy coupon = $70.25 – $70 GoDaddy Groupon credit = $0.25
So basically, I bought $132.60 of domain name renewals for $25.25 i.e. a savings of $107.35 or 81%!

GoDaddy Web Hosting Renewal – best rates with 3 year renewals

I just figured out by chance that GoDaddy Web Hosting Renewal rates are best with 3-year renewals and not with 4 or 5-year renewals. This is a bit weird because I would expect the rates to go down with longer renewals.
From the list below, you can see that the $4.99 per month Economy web hosting plan drops to $2.99 per month with a 3 year renewal, but only drops to $3.74 per month with a 5 year renewal. Go figure!!
Note: for current GoDaddy coupons, visit:
Original: $4.99 plan (Economy plan)
Coupon: gda1132bp (25% off $60)
2 year renewal
Base rate: $119.76 ($4.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$29.94 (25% off)
Final rate: =$89.82 ($3.74 per month)
3 year renewal
Base rate: $143.64 ($3.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$35.91 (25% off)
Final rate: =$107.73 ($2.99 per month) (BEST RATE)
4 year renewal
Base rate: $239.52 ($4.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$59.88 (25% off)
Final rate: =$179.64 ($3.74 per month)
5 year renewal
Base rate: $299.40 ($4.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$74.85 (25% off)
Final rate: =$224.55 ($3.74 per month)

How to transfer domain name from was offering free domains with their OfficeLive package in 2006. They were renewing the domain names for free every year. However, they have recently changed their policy and are not renewing the domain names anymore (effective Oct 1, 2009). If you are an OfficeLive customer and have a custom domain name, you have the option of paying $15 per year to keep the domain name active. On the other hand, if you want to transfer your domain name from to another registrar, say GoDaddy, follow the instructions below. The instructions are lengthy but they work.
– IMPORTANT: Transferring your domain name to another registrar cancels your OfficeLive account and you will lose all your webpages, email etc.
– The Domain Registration Key (DRK) provided initially is different from the Domain Name password required later during domain name transfer. MelbourneIT calls it Domain Name Password/authinfo (see step 19 below) while GoDaddy calls it an Authorization Code.
– The cancellation confirmation email from OfficeLive comes in a couple of minutes and does not take 48 hours as mentioned below
– Make sure the domain name is unlocked at MelbourneIT before attempting a transfer to another registrar



Procedure to transfer your domain name from OfficeLive (i.e. from Melbourne IT)
Please note down your Domain Registration Key (DRK) to unlock your domain name at Melbourne IT, by following below mentioned instructions:
1. Go to
2. Login into your Microsoft Office Live account using administrator Windows Live ID and password.
3. On the Home page, at the top of the page click on ‘More’ option.
4. In the drop down menu, select Domain manager.
5. Click on the link ‘Learn about saving your information’.
6. Note down your domain name and Domain Registration Key.
When you retrieve the DRK for your domain, please follow below mentioned instructions to cancel your Microsoft Office Live account:
1. Sign in to your Microsoft Office Live account using your Windows Live ID and the associated password.
2. On the Home Page click on “Account Management” under “Manage Your Office Live Account”.
3. Now, click on “Cancel your account” on the middle of the page.
4. Click on Next.
5. Select the reason for cancelling the account.
6. Click on Next and enter your alternate email address where you want the cancellation confirmation email.
7. Now, click on “Cancel this account”.
Note: You will receive a cancellation confirmation email within 48 hours along with the Domain Registry Key (DRK) details associated with your domain.
Once you cancel your account with Microsoft Office Live, if you want to transfer your domain name to another web host provider, please follow the below steps on how to unlock and manage your domain name:
1. Go to
2. Enter your domain name and registry key and click on continue.
3. Click on ‘create a new account’ below the text box where you are prompted for My account password.
3.1. Fill up all the information needed:
3.1.1. Contact Information
3.1.2. Login Information
3.1.3. Other Information:
3.2. The Country Code is “1” for United States (for UK it is 44)
3.3. The email address you enter must not be related to the domain you are attempting to transfer/manage.
4. After filling up all the information, check the box that says I have read and understood the Sign Up Terms and Conditions. I agree to abide by the terms and conditions, as stated there in.
5. Click Create. Now your account is created.
6. On the My Account Console page, click Logout on the right side of the page.
7. Now you will be redirected to the Melbourne IT web site.
8. Click Manage Domain Name on the right side of the page.
9. Type your domain and registry key.
10. Click Enter Management.
11. Click Transfer management to Melbourne IT.
12. Sign in using the username and password for your Melbourne IT account using the username and password, which you created for your Melbourne IT account.
13. Click Continue after you have verified all the information on the page.
14. Click on My Account console.
15. Click on the link “View/Manage domain name” under the Domain Names.
16. Click on your domain name (customer domain name) under the Domain Name section.
17. Click on the Unlock Domain Name.
18. To change name server, click on Change Delegation Details under Name Server Details on the right side of the page. Here, you can change the domain name server settings for your new service provider.
19. To obtain new authorization code in order to transfer your domain, click Retrieve Domain Name (authinfo) Password (on the same page on point 17).
Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to email accounts created through your Microsoft Office Live account. If you still want to cancel your Microsoft Office Live account, then please reply to us with the confirmation along with the requested details.
Additionally, please note that DRK is the authorization code needed to transfer your domain name. With the DRK you will be able to manage your domain with other host and change the name servers.



Instructions to transfer your domain name from Melbourne IT to GoDaddy
Instructions on how to transfer the domain name from MelbourneIT to GoDaddy is available via the following links: (PDF)
Note: The Domain Registration Key (DRK) provided initially is different from the Domain Name password required later during domain name transfer. MelbourneIT calls it Domain Name Password/authinfo (see step 19 above) while GoDaddy calls it an Authorization Code.



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Yahoo! Domains – Price hiked to $35 – Don’t forget to cancel after transferring!

Yahoo! Domains recently hiked their domain name renewal prices to $34.95. I had one domain name with them. And once I got the renewal notice email with the increased price, I decided to transfer my domain name to GoDaddy, my regular registrar. Domain name renewals currently cost $9.99 at GoDaddy. Yahoo! Domains sent me the renewal email notice 1 month in advance and I was able to transfer the domain in about 3 days without any issues.
Here is what happened next. A couple of days back (11/24), Yahoo! Domains charged me $34.95 for domain renewal fees even though I had already transferred my domain name on 10/29. So, they basically charged me for a service that they were not providing!
So, I tried to email customer service through their website and it turns out that I need to call them instead. In case anybody needs to call them in the future with this same issue, the number for Small Business Domains is 1-800-318-0870. Make sure you have your domain name, Yahoo! username, date of birth, credit card number handy, since they will use it for verification. Anyways, the customer service representative was pretty nice and she promptly cancelled my account and refunded the $34.95 charge. It turns out that Yahoo! would still charge me for the domain name renewal even after I had transferred it, if I did not proactively cancel the account.
Bottom line – don’t forget to cancel your Yahoo! Domains account even though you have already transferred your domain name to another registrar!
The question remains – why did Yahoo! hike its Domain name fees? The general opinion going around is that, with Yahoo! not doing very well these days, they are planning to get out of the domain name business. In fact, Yahoo! itself is not a domain name registrar. Their domain names are managed by Melbourne IT, which I believe also manages domains for Microsoft Office Live.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Be safe and eat well 🙂
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