TIME magazine – $15 per year or $25 for 2 years + Ultrasonic Weather Station Clock

My TIME magazin subscription expired a couple of months back and I did not renew because they did not give me old rate ($25 for 2 years). They offered me a renewal rate of $30 for 1 year (or $50 for 2 years) which was not good enough for me. Looks like the $25 for 2 years deal is back again and I subscribed again online. I would definitely recommend the $25 for 2 years option. NOTE: Do not forget to cancel the auto renewal before your 1 (or 2) year subscription period expires.
1. TIME – $15 per year or $25 for 2 years + Ultrasonic Weather Station Clock (BEST DEAL)
2. Kmart – $16 per year
3. TIME – $30 per year (regular subscription rate)
4. Amazon – $30 per year

Fortune – $10 per year, and TIME magazine – $15 per year

I just received a Fortune magazine subscription offer by mail and could not believe it. I was getting offered a 1 year subscription of Fortune magazine for $10! I checked online and the lowest price was $30 per year on Amazon. The only catch appears to be that you need to pay the subscription upfront and not forget to cancel the automatic renewal before your subscription expires.
1. Fortune magazine – $10 per year (20 issues). Recommended deal: $20 for 3 years (60 issues)
2. TIME magazine – $15 per year (57 issues). Recommended deal: $25 for 2 years (114 issues)
More info: http://www.dealigg.com/story-Time-Warner-Magazine-Subscription-Sale-Fortune-20-Issues-10-Time-57-Issues-15-More-2
Enjoy!!! 🙂