Taipei 101

I used to think that Petronas Towers is the tallest building in the world. But it seems that the tallest building in the world is now Taipei 101 (since 2004).
Taipei 101 - click to enlarge (200 kb).
1. Taipei 101, Taiwan: 508 meters
2. Petronas Towers, Malaysia: 452 meters
A comprehensive list is here. It also includes uncompleted buildings.
The Burj Durai, Dubai will be the tallest building in the World (810 meters) when it is completed in 2008 (expected).
One of my classmates from Taiwan says that her dream is to work at Taipei 101 after she completes her MBA.
And did you know that the official name of Taiwan is the “Republic of China” and the official name of China is the “People’s Republic of China”? Interesting.
Photo Courtesy: Emporis

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