First 50 Manipur related Domain Names

I have compiled a list of the first 50 domain names which are related to Manipur, or are owned by Manipuris. The emphasis here is on WHEN the domain name was registered. Hence, the list is ordered by domain registration date and not by relevance of content. This is a work in progress. So, there are not 50 domain names yet :). If you wish to add an entry to this list, please post a comment to this blog entry or email me at bobby AT

First 50 Manipur related Domain Names (Last updated: 9/23/2009)
Rank Date Registered Domain Name Notes
1 2000-01-04 Manipur News Portal
2 2000-05-04 Manipur Portal
3 2000-05-15 CORE Manipur – NGO Organization
4 2000-07-09 Manipur News Portal
5 2000-11-13 Bobby Maisnam’s website
6 2001-06-11 Brajeshwar Oinam’s blog
7 2001-09-10 Sachi Sharma’s website
8 2002-10-07 Elangbam Family website
9 2002-11-05 Ratan Thiyam’s Chorus Repertory Theatre
10 2003-01-03 European Manipuri Association (EMA)
11 2003-03-30 Martin Haobam’s website
12 2003-07-13 Owned by Brajeshwar
13 2003-08-11 Sangai Express newspaper
14 2003-08-18 Owned by Bobby maisnam
15 2003-09-18 Redirects to
16 2004-08-29 Info about Manipur
17 2005-01-10 Streaming audio of Manipuri Radio programs
18 2005-04-16 Imphal Free Press newspaper
19 2005-07-06 Dhani Computers Imphal
20 2006-02-04’s media website
21 2006-03-12 Dynamic AJAX based Manipur phonebook
22 2006-07-21 North American Manipuri Association (NAMA)
23 2006-08-23 Duran Thiyam’s website
24 2006-10-31 Owned by Brajeshwar
25 2007-03-31 Manipur Police official website
26 2007-04-17 Linux Manipur
27 2007-05-22 Owned by Brajeshwar
28 2007-05-22 Owned by Brajeshwar
29 2007-06-02 Chabungbam’s blog
30 2007-07-16 Owned by Brajeshwar
31 2007-10-22 Manipur Portal
32 2007-11-08 Anthony Tongbram’s blog
33 2008-01-18 NE India articles
34 2008-04-05 Poknapham Manipuri newspaper
35 2008-08-16 ISTV Cable TV Network
36 2008-09-12 Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD)
37 2008-09-21 Social Networking Site
38 2009-04-18 Collective blog by Manipuris

11 thoughts on “First 50 Manipur related Domain Names”

  1. I\’ve been looking about manipur in google and I found on top, follow by in second, in third. Is there any website for telephone numbers for manipur

  2. @meitei: Good point meitei. e-pao and kanglaonline are definitely the top websites about Manipur. However, please note that this list is based on when the domain names for the websites were first registered and not the popularity/google ranking of the websites.
    Regarding your question about telephone numbers for manipur, I know was a good resource but looks like the original owner did not renew the domain name and instead there is a placeholder page now.
    – Bobby


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