UT webmail quota is now 100 MB

The UT webmail quota has been increased to 100 MB from the previous 20 MB. This increase was supposed to have been implemented on Jan 1, 2005. But till yesterday, my quota was still 20 MB. Just checked now, and my webmail quota is now 100 MB. Yes!!!
I have a Gmail account but I don’t use it too often. Reason is that there is no IMAP access. And I just can’t live without IMAP! 😉 But if Gmail decides to offer IMAP, I am even prepared to pay for it. 1000 MB email space with IMAP access? That would be just awesome! 🙂
Update (6:14 PM 1/28/2005): There is an article in the Daily Beacon about the increase in the Webmail quota.

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  1. Man you should have said something to me. I would have at least smiled for you. I just google-searched UT Vols and there I am. I have so many great pictures from that day as well, and WHAT A GAME! Let’s get em back in the Swamp this year! GO VOLS!


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