Webcams at UTK (UT Knoxville)

Update (1/17/2020): The following webcams appear to be active: (alternate link:
Windy UT Knoxville Tickle College of Engineering Webcam (alternate link: (Note: UT Martin, not UT Knoxville)

Knoxville: University of

Update (1/31/2017): The following webcams appear to be active: (needs Flash) (needs Flash)

Update (3:57 PM 4/10/2005) For a more complete and up-to-date list of webcams at UT Knoxville, please see: (Thanks to Charity Beals for the link)

Original Post (5/20/2004):
Here is a list of online webcams at the Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville. I intend to keep adding to the list as I come to know about more webcams on campus.
Note from OIT: “These streaming videos take up a lot of bandwidth. You will probably not want to view these on a modem connection or leave them running for long periods of time.”
[1] Hodges Library, Room G20
The above link has 3 webcam feeds. Just scroll down to see the other two.
Individual Webcam feeds:
Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3
Camera 4
Camera 5
Camera 6
Camera 7
Camera 8
[2] Presidential Court, Room 113A
[3] View of Melrose Avenue from Melrose Hall
[4] International House
[5] University Center (UC)
[6] UC Bookstore
If you come across more webcams on the UT campus, please feel free to email me the URL (weblink) so that I can add it to the list.
Last updated: 3:57 PM 4/10/2005

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