Perl Script for redirection mapping

Wrote a small Perl script to create mapping of blog archive files from my CS account to my current blog. The mappings have been created because a lot of pages on my old blog are indexed by Google. And I do not want those search results to produce a ‘404 not found’ error.
For example, (old)
will be mapped to: (new)
The script is available here for download.
I have modified the script to just suit my current needs (Because I am so lazy! 🙂 ). Right now, I have only about 40 files in my old blog. But the script will work for any number of files in a directory. There are some bugs to sort out though. Guess I will work on it later.

New webhost

I have bought a reseller account. I have shifted all my sites to the new server. Speed is pretty good and the good thing is that I can host unlimited sites as long as I don’t exceed the bandwidth and webspace. I have also redesigned using less tables and more CSS.
Note: Previously, I used to point my domains to my server at home which has a DSL connection to the internet. The server is still up but I am not using it much.


It snowed today morning. But I woke up a bit late and at that time, there was much less snow than that in the morning.
Am in library now.

Monday afternoon

Just adding this entry because my blog page looks blank!
Today is Monday. Not doing anything much at present. Feeling a bit hungry. Maybe I will have some Maggi. How I hate cooking food!
Lot of stuff to do.
Manish just came and went out again for office work. Milk, Orange Juice and Eggs are over. Guess, I have to go to Bi-Lo tonight.; Saumil’s Marriage; Ek Hasina Thi

Officially launched today. It is now my portfolio website. The speciality of the site is that it uses a auto-generated menu.
Saumil and Jaya’s marriage was held today at HCC. Had a nice time there. Took some video and lots of photos. Here is one photo and another one here.
Watched “Ek Hasina Thi” on DVD. It’s a great movie! Saif and Urmila’s acting was superb! Here is a review from IndiaFM.
Learnt about local access calling cards. Tried one from callnation. Call quality was pretty good. Since they don’t have local access numbers for Knoxville, I tried a number in Athens, GA. Only drawback is that you always need to call from a cellphone if you want the reduced rates. (Of course, you can call from a landline but then you have to pay the long distance charges upto the local access number. And that makes no sense!)

Came to know about Orkut through an email from Prashanth. Here is an article from about Orkut. This is a close-knit friendship group where entry is only by invitation. Supposedly based on a Google technology. Interested? please go ahead and read the article. There is very little information on the official website itself though.