L for Love – Richard Clayderman

I had first heard this song (piano music actually) some time back in a friend’s car and I instantly loved it. Today, I decided to find the song. But the problem was that I just knew the artist’s name and nothing else. I asked my friend about the song, googled and amazoned a bit and finally found the links. Here they are 🙂
Tip: Play at a low volume. Let the soft music soothe your ears :).
Song: “A Comme Amour (L For Love)”
Artist: Richard Clayderman
Album: A Comme Amour, All By Myself
Hear song: clayderman.co.uk (Real, 03:19)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.clayderman.co.uk
Extra notes: Paul de Senneville (Composer)
Song: “L For Love”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: For The Love Of Music
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 03:30, 2.4mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.georgedavidson.com
Notes: It seems that the same song – “L For Love” – has been performed by two artists – Clayderman and Davidson

Song: “Mariage d’Amour”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: My Heart Will Go On
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 04:26, 3.1 mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.georgedavidson.com
Notes: This song is also very nice and initially, my friend thought that this was the song I was looking for.