Second time uncle!

Became a second time uncle today! Dada (Tej – my elder brother) and Iteima (sis-in-law) Mona’s first child was born today at 10:38 AM IST (01:08 AM Eastern). It’s a baby boy and weighs 3 kg. His nickname is Buju.
Buju’s website is at :). He does not have an email address yet ;).

Mai’s B’day

Today is Myla Perez’s b’day. Mai is from the Philippines and we met on the internet sometime in March 2000 and have been good friends since. Of course, I have not met her in person yet.
Happy Birthday, Mai!

Shubha’s B’day

Today (June 9) is Shubha Chadaga’s birthday. Went to her b’day party yesterday night. The party was low-profile and it was fun. The cake was great!
Shubha's B'day party - click to enlarge...
(L-R) Nikhil, Manish, Shubha, Ila, Pady
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Became an uncle today!

Tamo (Riten – my eldest brother) and Iteima (sis-in-law) Remika’s first child was born today at around 1:45 PM Indian Standard Time (4:15 AM US Eastern Time). It’s a baby boy! Weight is 3.5 kgs. Name not yet decided. Other details awaited.
The baby boy is the first grandchild of my parents. He is also the first child in our family after a long period of time (25+ years). My monopoly as the last child of the family is finally broken!!!