Watched “Firewall” today. Had been wanting to watch it for some time. It stars Harrison Ford. He plays a bank expert who is forced to rob his own bank after his family is taken hostage.
Firewall poster - click to enlarge (52 kb).
Good Movie. Definitely worth watching. Keeps the suspense till the very end.
On a side note, it amazed me how the storyline is strikingly similar to the recent $44 million Securitas bank robbery in England. Coincidence, anyone?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Hello World,
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
As I write this entry, I remember a forward from one my friends.

“Marry someone with whom you could have conversations for hours on end, for that is the only thing you will long for in your old age, when the external appeal are long gone.”

Very true indeed.
So, go ahead and wish your Valentine today and let her/him know how special s/he is and how s/he makes your world go round, how s/he makes you smile that happy smile whenever you think about her/him.
And don’t forget to wish your parents, your brothers and sisters and your friends. Because at the end of the day, they are the persons who will always care for you, come whatever may…

How to find your cell phone’s IMEI number? Press *#06#

I knew this (i.e. how to find the IMEI number of a cellphone) a long time back but had forgotten the sequence. The IMEI is a unique number assigned to every GSM cell phone (i.e. a cell phone which uses a SIM card). To find the IMEI number of your cellphone, dial the sequence *#06# into the phone.
The IMEI is useful because it can be used to block your cellphone if it gets lost. So, if you are reading this and do not know the IMEI number for your cell phone, find it by dialling *#06# and write it down somewhere :).
I also found a page which analyzes IMEI numbers. I tried it out and the information was interesting.
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