Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Hello World,
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
As I write this entry, I remember a forward from one my friends.

“Marry someone with whom you could have conversations for hours on end, for that is the only thing you will long for in your old age, when the external appeal are long gone.”

Very true indeed.
So, go ahead and wish your Valentine today and let her/him know how special s/he is and how s/he makes your world go round, how s/he makes you smile that happy smile whenever you think about her/him.
And don’t forget to wish your parents, your brothers and sisters and your friends. Because at the end of the day, they are the persons who will always care for you, come whatever may…

Fourth of July

Today is July 4th, the American Independence Day. Went for a barbeque cookout at a friend’s place. Rain was predicted in the morning but when we finally reached there, the weather was great – not too hot and with a light breeze. The barbeque cookout was fun, the food was great and met a lot of nice people.
At night, me and my friends went to Knoxville World Fair Park to see the July 4th fireworks. We reached at 9 pm but the fireworks started a bit late – at about 9:45 pm. It was great and there were lots and lots of people. I did not have a camera with me but I took a couple of pictures with my camera phone. They came out ok, but not that great. Am putting one here.
Fourth of July fireworks at Knoxville, taken with my camera phone - click to enlarge (20 kb).
Overall, the day was great and I really enjoyed it.
Note: July 4th is the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed and adopted in 1776, declaring independence from the British. If you would like to know more about the Fourth of July, please see this link.

Happy Diwali and Ningol Chakouba

Happy DiwaliHappy Diwali to everybody!!! This year, Diwali is being celebrated today – Nov 12. Kali Puja in West Bengal was yesterday (Nov 11). Diwali is the festival of lights and is one of the most important festivals for Indians worldwide.
Manthan – the Indian Students Association at UTK celebrated Diwali couple of days back – on Oct 31. The reason was that was the only date the UC Auditorium was available before Nov 12.
Ningol Chakouba is on Nov 14. (Ningol=daughter of the family, chakouba=invite to a feast). It is a festival which celebrated in my home state – Manipur. On this day, parents invite their married daughters and their children to a feast and share experiences. Sort of like a family reunion. It’s a lot of fun and the food is great!
Image courtesy: 123Greetings.com