DTMF tones in Skype (or how to use pin/access numbers with Skype)

I was trying to make a call to a toll free number with Skype today. The toll free number was accepted properly and I got the intial greeting but any numbers entered after that (the pin number) was not being accepted. I searched a bit and found that the reason was Skype was not recognizing the DTMF tones for the pin number.
The solution for this is to upgrade to the latest Skype version (the current version is which has improved support for DTMF. I upgraded my Skype installation and now I can enter pin/access numbers for toll free numbers in Skype.
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Nashville in Lebanon and Lebanon near Nashville

Was reading an article on CNN that the USS Nashville was in Beirut, Lebanon to evacuate the stranded US citizens.
Could not help but notice the coincidence.
For those who are unaware, there is also a place called Lebanon (wikipedia | map) near Nashville, Tennessee. Hence the title of this entry: “Nashville in Lebanon and Lebanon near Nashville” :). Nashville is the capital of Tennessee is considered the home of country music.
– Dell Inc. has a desktop manufacturing facility (EG1) at East Gate, Lebanon, TN.
– Just learnt that the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain originated in Lebanon, TN! I love Cracker Barrel :).
– Lebanon, TN is pronounced “LEB-nun”, as opposed to the “LEB-uh-non”. That reminds me of my conversation with my friend Jenny that Antioch, TN is pronounced “Ani-ock” πŸ™‚