Mai’s B’day

Today is Myla Perez’s b’day. Mai is from the Philippines and we met on the internet sometime in March 2000 and have been good friends since. Of course, I have not met her in person yet.
Happy Birthday, Mai!

Rediffmail now offers 1 GB of email space.

This is hilarious!
Rediffmail has also joined the GB bandwagon. Google first intoduced Gmail with 1 GB email space. Yahoo then increased its email space quota to 100 MB. And today, I see that Rediff has also followed suit and increased its email space to 1 GB! One of my rediff accounts is a paid one and for that account, the email space quota is 2 GB! Compared to rediffmail, I think Yahoo’s email space quota is more reasonable.
I just don’t understand how they are going to maintain such huge amounts of email space.

How to send email from a cingular mobile phone using SMS.

[1] How to send email FROM a cingular mobile phone using SMS.
Step [a] Compose message: <email><space><message>
Step [b] Send to 111
Example: If you want to send the message “test message” to “”, compose the message as: test message.

[2] How to send email TO a cingular mobile phone.
Option [a] Send email to
Example: If the mobile phone number is 865-387-1234, send the email to
Option [b] Send a message directly from the Web:
Option [c] Create an email alias for your cellphone in the format :
Example: If your username/alias is “john”, emails sent to will be delivered to your cingular mobile phone.
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Send a message from the web
Last updated: 3:40 AM 12/29/2004

Yahoomail now offers 100 MB of email space.

Starting today (6/15) Yahoo is offering 100 mb space for email. Yahoo has made the move mainly to counter Google’s Gmail which offers 1000 MB of email space. Just checked my Yahoo account and yes the space has increased to 100 MB and also it is sporting a new look. Also, Yahoo Mail Plus (the paid version)offers 2 GB of space!!!
Also, it seems millions of dormant email addresses will now be available again for registration.

Meet Joe Blog

From the Jun 21 2004 Issue of TIME magazine:

“What makes blogs so effective? They’re free. They catch people at work, at their desks, when they’re alert and thinking and making decisions. Blogs are fresh and often seem to be miles ahead of the mainstream news. Bloggers put up new stuff every day, all day, and there are thousands of them. How are you going to keep anything secret from a thousand Russ Kicks? Blogs have voice and personality. They’re human. They come to us not from some mediagenic anchorbot on an air-conditioned sound stage, but from an individual. They represent

Hum Tum; Mangoes !!!

Hum Tum
Watched “Hum Tum” today. The movie was pretty good except that I felt that it got a bit boring in the middle. The music was really good. But overall, a great movie. Nice acting by Saif and Rani. I used to hate Saif before but now he seems to be maturing into a really good actor.
Also, had mangoes today!!! I think it must have been more than 2 years since I last ate a real nice and juicy Indian mango! Also had chicken. The chicken was just great! Thanks to Anuj for all three (Hum Tum, mangoes and the chicken!) 😉

Got my Gmail account!

Had been reading about Gmail for some days. A few days back, one of my friends got an account. That was the first time I saw how the interface looked like. After that I read about it a bit on the web and I found out that sometimes. select users get an offer of 3 Gmail accounts to give to their friends. My friend turned out to be one of those lucky few and he gave referred one of his accounts to me!
Have not tested all the features yet. Here is a screenshot:
Gmail screenshot
click to enlarge (57 kb)
p.s. For the uninitiated, Gmail offers 1000 MB of email space!
Update (6/12/2004 2:08 AM): Was checking out Gmail invite auctions on E-Bay. The lowest Buy it Now price is $12.50 and the highest price is $100,000 !!!