Delhi DEL to Washington Dulles IAD Air India direct flights are live on

Delhi DEL to Washington Dulles IAD Air India direct flights are live on Test round trip fares for July to October came to ~ Rs. 69,000 (approx $1060).

The flights start in July 2017, three days a week: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. The flight time is 14 to 15.5 hours covering ~ 7500 miles on a Boeing 777-200LR (AI 104 and AI 103 respectively).

This direct flight route was announced in January 2017 (USA Today news article)

Open a Wells Fargo Checking account and get $250

If you open a Wells Fargo Everyday Checking account by March 3 2017, you will get a $250 account opening bonus after: a) making 10 debit card purchases/payments or b) set up direct deposit of $500. Either of these need to be completed within 60 days of account opening.

Sign up link:

Also see forum discussions at:

Installed Movable Type 4

Upgraded to Movable Type 4 today. The upgrade process was pretty straightforward for the first part. However, I really got stuck in one area – in the archives templates section. My archive pages were not getting generated at all. I struggled with it and I realized later that I have to map the archives.
MT 4 logo - click to enlarge ( kb).
I will write a detailed review later but here are my tips if you want to install MT 4.
1. Don’t forget to back up your old blog and the database.
2. Read the “Archive Mapping” and the “Archive File Path Specifiers” help pages.
3. The MT 4 default templates are here.
4. If you want to start from the new templates totally, use the “Refresh Templates” feature which is explained well on this page.
5. If you are having a lot of issues, try the Dynamic Publishing option discussed on this page.
6. Check out the MT news blog.
The new version is totally different and much much better. There are a lot of new features but these are the ones which really impressed me.
1. It is very easy to switch between templates now, similar to the template switching in WordPress
2. The dynamic publishing is awesome. Maybe it is not suitable for very large sites but I was blown away by it.
3. Better editor and totally new interface.
Little more rambling about the coolness of dynamically generated pages and archive mapping :). I have always statically generated my pages till now. And maybe dynamic generation existed in previous versions of MT but I did not realize it. For example, my post about Bourne Ultimatum can be accessed at both and However, here is the cool part. None of those pages exist. In fact, none of the pages in my /archives folder exist. Even though the user feels that they are actual pages, they are actually dynamically generated in real time. If you knew all about this and feel that it was something very simple everyone should know, so be it. But I am enjoying my new enlightenment :).
Have fun, everybody.

Blogs by Manipuris

I have been compiling a list of blogs by Manipuris. The list is available here:
If you would like to suggest another blog to be added to the list, please do so at:
From the list of blogs by Manipuris, I like reading these:
1. Arunima
2. Ranjan Yumnam
3. Brajeshwar Oinam
4. Bobo Chandam
KanglaOnline and also maintain a list of blogs by Manipuris.

Aamir Khan’s Blog

Update (March 10, 2009): Aamir’s Khan’s blog is at:
Update (October 15, 2007): Aamir Khan’s current blog is at: The actual URL for the blog is: This blog is on his new website: This blog has posts since Oct 9, 2007.

  1. – Aamir Khan’s current blog (Oct 7, 2007 to present)
  2. (June 17, 2007 to Oct 8, 2007)
  3. (July 16, 2005 to Aug 16, 2005)

Update (August 3, 2007): Aamir Khan’s current blog is here: He seems to be updating it regularly (last updated: Oct 8, 2007). Note (Oct 15, 2007): Aamir no longer uses this blog. This blog has posts from June 17, 2007 to Oct 8, 2007.
Original Post (August 16, 2005):
Came across Aamir Khan’s blog! The blog is essentially about his new film “Mangal Pandey“. There are only four posts till now (July 16(2), August 8 and August 15) but there are lots and lots of comments (713 comments for the first three posts i.e. an average of 238 comments per post). The nice thing about his blog is that he posts personal responses to selected user comments/emails. Note (Oct 15, 2007): Aamir no longer uses this blog. This blog has posts from July 16, 2005 to Aug 16, 2005.
Aamir Khan - click to enlarge (41kb).
Aamir is my favourite Indian movie actor. He is a brilliant actor, probably one of the very best in Indian cinema. His movie “Dil Chahta Hai” is one my two most favourite Hindi movies (The other one is “DDLJ“).
Also, saw from the photos that Aamir uses an IBM Thinkpad. IBM Thinkpads are supposed to be the best laptops. They work great but the cost is higher when compared to others like Dell. However, Looks wise, I feel Thinkpads are not that great. Instead, I prefer Sony Vaio.
Via: Dr. Karuturi’s Blog