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I have been compiling a list of blogs by Manipuris. The list is available here:
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From the list of blogs by Manipuris, I like reading these:
1. Arunima
2. Ranjan Yumnam
3. Brajeshwar Oinam
4. Bobo Chandam
KanglaOnline and also maintain a list of blogs by Manipuris.

Mobile number series in India

Update (4/9/2009): The updated MSC Codes list list (January 2009) is here: A cached copy is available here. Thanks to Jogi for the info!
Original post (11/13/2005): I got a missed call from a mobile/cell number from India and I was trying to figure out where the call originated. I searched a bit online but could not find any comprehensive list initially. Finally, I came across this list and it is pretty comprehensive. I thought someone else might find it useful and so decided to post the link here.
Cached copy: html | pdf