Yahoo to increase email storage to 1 GB

Yahoo announced on Tuesday that it is going to increase it free email storage limit to 1 GB, from its current 250 MB. The upgrade will take place in mid-April.

Yahoo’s storage upgrade comes one week after Google started offering Gmail accounts to random visitors of its home page. This has led to heightened speculation in news articles and blogs that Google plans to open Gmail’s doors to the public on April 1, a year after it launched in its current test form.

Good news for Yahoo users :). However, Gmail has one major advantage -it offers free POP3 access. Interface wise, I like Yahoo Mail’s interface better than Gmail’s.
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Random Gmail invites on Google

Google seems to be giving out random invites to random users who visit the Google website. I read about it yesterday in the Google Weblog. And today, an invite appeared when I went to Google. The invites appear right below the Google search box.
Random Gmail invite on Google - click to enlarge (33 kb).
I refreshed the page a couple of times and got the same link but with two different query strings – promo=hpp-gmail-0 and promo=hpp-gmail-1. The links are given below. You can click on them if you want a Gmail account.
Link 1 | Link 2
If the above links do not work and you want a Gmail account, you can get one from There are currently (4:29 PM 3/15/2005) 494,177 invites available there!
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L for Love – Richard Clayderman

I had first heard this song (piano music actually) some time back in a friend’s car and I instantly loved it. Today, I decided to find the song. But the problem was that I just knew the artist’s name and nothing else. I asked my friend about the song, googled and amazoned a bit and finally found the links. Here they are πŸ™‚
Tip: Play at a low volume. Let the soft music soothe your ears :).
Song: “A Comme Amour (L For Love)”
Artist: Richard Clayderman
Album: A Comme Amour, All By Myself
Hear song: (Real, 03:19)
Song Page: View
Official Site:
Extra notes: Paul de Senneville (Composer)
Song: “L For Love”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: For The Love Of Music
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 03:30, 2.4mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site:
Notes: It seems that the same song – “L For Love” – has been performed by two artists – Clayderman and Davidson

Song: “Mariage d’Amour”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: My Heart Will Go On
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 04:26, 3.1 mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site:
Notes: This song is also very nice and initially, my friend thought that this was the song I was looking for.

Mark Jen joins Plaxo

Mark Jen, the Ex-Google employee who was fired in February for blogging about Google has got a new job at Plaxo. Today was his first day at work.
And it seems Plaxo fully supports his blogging activities. πŸ™‚

as a bonus, they fully support my blogging activities as well – they recognize the power of keeping the door open to the community through blogs.

Read more about it in his post.
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Yahoo turns 10 today

Yahoo turned 10 years old today (Wed, Mar 02, 2005). Happy Birthday, Yahoo!
Yahoo turns 10 today
Get a free Baskin Robbins icecream scoop
The offer is only valid today.
– Watch the Netrospective: flash | html
Each of 100 photographs mark major events in Yahoo’s history. You can also leave blog-style comments for each photograph.
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New lines in an Excel cell

I just figured out how to enter a new line in an Excel cell. The trick is to use Alt+Enter to create a new line. Also, when you do that, Excel automatically enables text wrap for the cell.
Windows: Alt+Enter
Mac: Hold down apple key + Option + Enter
(Thanks to Tex and Andy for the Mac tip)
Tips List
Alt+Enter: Enter new line in a cell
F2: Edit a cell
Originally posted: 2005-05-02
Last updated: 2011-01-13