CS Home Area Quotas

UTK-CS home areas have quotas from today. I was highly over quota and and had to spend a lot of time backing up by data and deleting the unused files.
Also learnt that the UNIX command for deleting a non-empty folder is
UNIX> \rm -fr dir_name
-f option for force.
-r option for recursive.
Cooked Chole today after many many days.


ORNL Trip organized by ACM@UTK.
Started at 1:30 PM. Reached ORNL at around 2:30 PM. There were some minor problems but finally we got to see the tour. We were taken to the Center for Computational Sciences at ORNL.
Saw 3 Supercomputers there —
Phoenix (20th fastest Supercomputer in the World)
Cheetah (28th fastest)
After that, we saw the Visualization Lab. It was a really unique experience.
The trip was just GREAT! Thanks to ACM!
p.s. Related Link: Top 500 Supercomputers List (as of Nov 2003)

Installed Lotus Notes

Installed Lotus Notes client. Could not login into the UTIA network initially because I did not have the user.id file. Emailed Dr. Dearden and he emailed my user.id file to me almost immediately. Tried again with the new user.id file and it is working properly. Tested notes-encypted messages but they can’t be read in Outlook Express. Changed display name and also tried to connect to UT Lotus Notes server. For some reason, I am not able to view the UT database.