Just came back after watching “Alexander“. And I was really disappointed. I had expected a lot from the movie.
The movie is long (3 hours) and most of the dialogues are boring. I think the movie is just plain stretched out. Many times in the middle, I felt really bored. One of the battle sequences is good but the others are just not worth seeing.
I had watched “Troy” and I was really impressed with it. And I was hoping that “Alexander” would be on the same lines. But after watching the movie, I realize it does not even come close to “Troy”.
And when I went to buy the ticket, I was told that they do not accept credit cards. So, I had to go the ATM machine and spend $2 extra. So, I spent $10 in total for an extremely boring movie!
Final Verdict: Do NOT see the movie! It’s not worth it.
The next movie I am waiting for is “Ocean’s Twelve” which is releasing on Dec 10th. I hope it will be good.

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