Came back home at about 4 PM. Took a really needed nap. I was really tired today. Woke up at 11 PM. Manish, Nikhil and Anshul had been to Apna Bazar. They brought some hindi movies. Watched “Qayamat“. The movie was pretty good despite the fact that it is “inspired” by “The Rock“. However there were too many songs in the movie and someone were totally unnecessary. The action scenes were pretty good.

Sunday Night

Watched 2 movies – “The Whole Nine Yards” and “Absolute Power”. Had some pasta. And coke. I have to stop drinking so much coke.
Earlier today; Manish, I and Nikhil had gone to check out the car Nikhil plans to buy. It looked really cool. Seemed like a nice deal. Nikhil is really excited and a bit tensed. He should be ;).
Uploaded final design of foodscience website. Uploaded a couple of pages also. This page took a lot of time. Emailed status report to Dr. Golden.

Movies and phone calls.

Watched 2 movies – “Encounters of the Third Kind” and “A Few Good Men”. Also called up Tamo and home also. I think the India Tele-Bridge calling card is not so good. Seems to be having less talk time than indicated. Also the call quality is not that clear. Talked with Mama, Cheche Naobi and Baba. Dada was not at home at that time.