Ocean’s Twelve

Just came back after watching Ocean’s Twelve. I have been waiting for this movie for about 3 months. I really enjoyed the movie. It was great! Compared to Ocean’s Eleven, this is a less action but more fun movie. I don’t know which one is better – Ocean’s Eleven or Ocean’s Twelve? But if I have to choose one, I guess it would be Ocean’s Eleven.
Bottomline: A fun movie and definitely worth watching.
Note (1:30 AM 12/11/2004): Just remembered noticing in the movie that Catherine Jeta-Zones’ name is Isabel Lahiri. Struck me as a bit odd. Because Lahiri is a Bengali lastname.
Update (1:35 AM 12/11/2004): Found a related article.
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Just came back after watching “Alexander“. And I was really disappointed. I had expected a lot from the movie.
The movie is long (3 hours) and most of the dialogues are boring. I think the movie is just plain stretched out. Many times in the middle, I felt really bored. One of the battle sequences is good but the others are just not worth seeing.
I had watched “Troy” and I was really impressed with it. And I was hoping that “Alexander” would be on the same lines. But after watching the movie, I realize it does not even come close to “Troy”.
And when I went to buy the ticket, I was told that they do not accept credit cards. So, I had to go the ATM machine and spend $2 extra. So, I spent $10 in total for an extremely boring movie!
Final Verdict: Do NOT see the movie! It’s not worth it.
The next movie I am waiting for is “Ocean’s Twelve” which is releasing on Dec 10th. I hope it will be good.

The Day After Tomorrow

Watched “The Day After Tomorrow” on DVD today. The theatre release was on May 28, 2004 and the DVD release was on Oct 12, 2004. Liked the movie though I guess it would have been much better in the theatre.
Also, read somewhere that the theory proposed in the movie (i.e. the North Atlantic Current failing due to the melting polar ice caps) is actually feasible but it would take a lot of time for it to come into effect (not 7 to 10 days as in the movie).
Have been watching a lot of DVD movies over fall break. Here is a partial list:
– Along Came Polly
– Man On Fire
– Mean Girls
– Paycheck
– The Alamo
– Walking Tall
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Update (11:13 PM 10/17/2004): Found the article. Here is a quote:

“There is evidence that the North Atlantic branch of the current has failed in the distant past

Hum Tum; Mangoes !!!

Hum Tum
Watched “Hum Tum” today. The movie was pretty good except that I felt that it got a bit boring in the middle. The music was really good. But overall, a great movie. Nice acting by Saif and Rani. I used to hate Saif before but now he seems to be maturing into a really good actor.
Also, had mangoes today!!! I think it must have been more than 2 years since I last ate a real nice and juicy Indian mango! Also had chicken. The chicken was just great! Thanks to Anuj for all three (Hum Tum, mangoes and the chicken!) 😉