L for Love – Richard Clayderman

I had first heard this song (piano music actually) some time back in a friend’s car and I instantly loved it. Today, I decided to find the song. But the problem was that I just knew the artist’s name and nothing else. I asked my friend about the song, googled and amazoned a bit and finally found the links. Here they are 🙂
Tip: Play at a low volume. Let the soft music soothe your ears :).
Song: “A Comme Amour (L For Love)”
Artist: Richard Clayderman
Album: A Comme Amour, All By Myself
Hear song: clayderman.co.uk (Real, 03:19)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.clayderman.co.uk
Extra notes: Paul de Senneville (Composer)
Song: “L For Love”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: For The Love Of Music
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 03:30, 2.4mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.georgedavidson.com
Notes: It seems that the same song – “L For Love” – has been performed by two artists – Clayderman and Davidson

Song: “Mariage d’Amour”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: My Heart Will Go On
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 04:26, 3.1 mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.georgedavidson.com
Notes: This song is also very nice and initially, my friend thought that this was the song I was looking for.

12 Replies to “L for Love – Richard Clayderman”

  1. hey, i have a question. i’ve been searching around all day for sheet music that matchs up with the song Mariage d’Amour that is on your blog, but i can’t find it. i’ve found senneville’s sheet music, but not the sheet music from George Davidson for the song Mariage d’amour. do you or anybody have any idea on where to get it??

  2. you are my freaking hero, ive been looking for George Davidson’s full version of Mariage d’Amour and up until now i’ve only found wussy clips. you have superb taste, and your links are good too 🙂 (as in theyre not crappy scratchy quality type links)

  3. dear friend
    finding these info was just exciting..
    i’m happy to death..cause i didn’t have these songs unfortunately..
    I’ve been grown up with clayderman’s songs,I’ve been dreaming about being someone like him for 10 days..he’s my Icon and it makes me fly to see others like me..hehe..
    thanks anyway..
    do you know where i can find the notes of these songs so that i can play them myself?

  4. I have fallen in love with George Davidson’s piano music & am searching for sheet music to his versions of Starry Starry Night, Unchained Melody, Norwegian Wood, all the covers. Is there any way to find these????

  5. Hi! I’m searching for any Clayderman’s notes for very long time, but I haven’t found anything. Does any one here have his notes for piano?

  6. yeah i am lookin for that sheet too… BUT I JUST CANT FIND IT! please help me 🙂 that version of mariage d’amour is sooooo beautiful. i’ve tryed to play it by ear, but i want to check if im right…

  7. Thanks Bobby!
    I was looking around for the solo piano version of \”L for Love\” for a while and you brought it to me! As a matter of fact, I love Clayderman\’s songs, but I don\’t know why he mixes trifling sound of non-Piano instruments with the great sound of Piano 😉

  8. Hi everyone…I,ve been looking for the notes of MAriage d\’Amour for a long time but I can\’t find it …Can anyone help me…

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